How to Boost your Magento Store sales by fixing common e-store issues in 2018


A trillion dollar industry growing at a percentage of double digits every year! Amazed? We are talking about the jam packed eCommerce industry. Some other facts that make eCommerce interesting is that 40% of the worldwide internet users have bought products online. Whereas a whopping 71% percent shoppers believe that they can grab a better deal online than shopping in the stores. More than 2,00,000 stores are running actively on Magneto alone. Magento has been the biggest ecommerce platform holding a market share of 26%.

Today, when every online retailer wants to grow and gain as much share of market as is possible, the competition has grown tougher. Businesses are scrambling to rank on the top pages of Google, implement best-in class features and functionalities for exceptional customer experience. Despite of making maximum efforts, their Magento stores are not fetching them the sales that they target. Are you facing similar issues? In this blog, we have recognised some common ecommerce store issues and provided their solutions and tips to help you boost your e-store sales.

1. Get Responsive

Studies show that more than 67% of users, prefer making a purchase via their mobiles than on their computers, laptops or other systems. Mobile devices account for around 50.3% of the total ecommerce traffic. The fact is no more a trade secret that Mobile Commerce is now becoming the most popular channel of shopping online. This issue needs to be corrected and catered to at first instance. For more and detailed information on the growing importance of mCommerce, you can visit our blog Mobile Commerce 2018 – Insights, Benefits and Impact Updates. Getting responsive is actually the solution. Responsiveness is adopting to a multi-device approach with which user is responded as per the size of the screen of his device. In simple words, it gives the user equally good browsing experience by creating a flexible responsive page which considers the size of device through which user has accessed. Having a mobile responsive site not only gives you better and more opportunities to reach out more users but it also gives you an added advantage of better Google rankings.

2. Strategize your SEO

Today Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in the success of any online business. Search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, Bing are not only a port of call for all the users but also a gateway to different sites. Holding an incredible power in the online world, search engine rankings decide the findability of your site by potential customers. Hence higher the ranking for your site, greater are the chances of its accessibility for your audience.

So if you have been ignoring your SEO strategy for your Magento store, pause and check it on priority. Although SEO includes a wide range of activities yet what you can review of your own is Keywords. Add keywords in Title tag & Content which your targeted audience might be searching for, or the keywords which are trending. Content is another important part which can help you gain good keyword rank. Adding fresh, unique and value adding content for your audience actually helps you a lot in increasing your site’s visibility.

In a Magento store, get well searched and relevant keywords updated on your products pages as well. This will help the user, searching for a product which is available on your store, find the same and hence increase your sales.

3. Easy Checkout Process

Do you have a complex and an uneasy checkout procedure? Cart abandonment is a major concern for many e-stores. This might be due to the complexity of the checkout process on your store which is actually hampering your store’s sales.

Having a simplified and easy process is really important to make a sale successful. For this you actually need to know whether your customers have a positive experience with your checkout. The rate of abandoned carts can help you analyse the effectiveness of your present process. To improve on this, you can actually run A/B testing and discover the points which needs improvement. Removing unnecessary steps, facilitating guest checkout, allowing newcomers to register with their social profiles and having one-page checkout can help you a lot in making your checkout experience better. Magento offers an additional service with Checkout Fields manager extension.

For a better understanding you can visit our blog on 7 Surefire Ways to Optimize Checkout page and Improve your Conversion Rate.

4. Product Descriptions

Adding accurate yet enticing description to your product can play a pivotal role in encouraging visitors to place an order. Write convincing descriptions in such a way that your product either solves your customer’s problems or ease up their lives in some way. Drawing user’s attention, answering all the related questions about the product may help your product fetch more orders and boost your sales.

Another interesting tip is that irrespective of the fact that you sell the same product as many other people are selling, if you write a unique description with details others are missing in it, you can win many customers.

Adding a FAQ section at the bottom of your product page can also help the visitors get their queries answered easily.

Realising your customer’s concerns and the fact that they cannot touch and feel your product, you need to post high-definition images and high-quality videos shot in real life. This will help them estimate and relate how the real product looks like. In a Magento store,
an extension named Product file Attachment is available to upload the images and videos on the product pages.

Studies show that on buying from a new website, people always look up for customer reviews and ratings others have awarded to that product. So you can also add the Product Review & Ratings extension to get genuine remarks that show up on your product page and help the visitors who highly trust these reviews.

5. Activate Site Search Function

Your Magento store too might have been overlooking the Site Search Functionality just like many other sites do. Hence you might lose on a good chunk of potential customers as people using site search functionality are having higher intent to buy any product. It’s high time to get over this loss of business and attract quality traffic who are actually interested in buying.

A site search extension can help you boost sales with following tools like:
a) Search Spelling Corrections: It auto-corrects any misspellings or mistyping while the user searches for the product.
b) Search Autocomplete: showing relevant and related results as the user types in.
c) Include Image and price: Showing a thumbnail image and its price in a drop down menu so that user can have a look before even have to click on that particular search.
Site Search tool can help you in a lot more ways like : collect data and help them find the right products quickly and can even help understand and analyze customer likings. Get data on the products and brands liked by your users, maintain their stock levels so that they are never out of stock. This also adds a great value to the merchandising strategy and get a wrongly placed product visible through the search results.

6. Optimize Speed

Making your customer wait is the worst thing you can do to your online business. Studies show that if a user has to wait for more than 3 seconds for a page to load, he will immediately bounce back. You can optimize the speed of your store with effective techniques, using minimum amount of JavaScript code lines and remove unnecessary rules from CSS for a clean up. Combining JavaScript and CSS codes in to one file can speed up page loading.

Optimizing the images which are used on your Magento Store will also help your reduce the page load time drastically. Using Spriteme can cluster a bunch of images into a sprite and help in optimising the speed to a great extent. Get your images optimised, unnecessary codes cleared up and speed optimised even for the checkout page so that your visitors have an exceptional experience during their stay on your store.

7. Intuitive Navigation

For an estore to be effective and efficient, navigation plays a major role. Having a simple and intuitive navigation eliminates the chances of your store being abandoned. Just like your site’s accessibility, product findability is equally important for the success of your store. Displaying all the main product categories on your main site navigation can help your user get half way through. Another important thing that can improve your sales is to get the top-level navigation clickable and tappable. This way customers can directly go to the particular category that holds products they are looking for. Going by the conventional navigation or common pathways designed can be better than inventing something overtly new design. This may rather make your visitors get confused and take more time in getting accustomed to your site navigation and end up in abandoning your store.

Do check your site navigation and double check if you are able to find any particular product easily. This will help you get an idea how your customers might feel while looking for their required product.


On the final note, all your business endeavors end up in getting more sales and raising your Returns. The above mentioned points have been explained to help you get successful in all your efforts and boost your sales on your Magento store. We hope these points would be helpful to you and your business. For any more questions or help on Magento Development, please feel free to contact us and stay tuned for more informative blogs.

Till then Stay optimised and Keep Boosting!

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