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Get in front of the right audience with smarter media buying.

Techies creates and executes custom ad campaigns to reach your customers wherever they are.

Detailed customer journey mapping helps increase conversions at every stage of awareness.

The result? Immediate results and better performance.

So your campaigns make more money & more sense.

Want to know more about how Techies can exponentially increase your ROAS?


Multiply revenue with more
strategic ad spend.

Whether you’re a startup or a scaling enterprise, strategic paid ads increase revenue and
elevate your brand equity within your market.

Show up for your target audience right when they’re ready to buy with high-converting
Facebook and Google ads.

Make the most of your budget with personalised strategy, detailed tracking, and
measurable results.

Paid media produces high ROI.
Here’s why.

Immediate Results

Tired of waiting months for paid ads to start working? We identify and convert low-hanging fruit first for immediate results and quick wins.

Controlled Cost

Detailed attention to performance means we’re prepared to quickly pivot to optimise cost and improve ROAS.

Customer Journey Mapping

Keep customers engaged with ads customised to their level of awareness. We anticipate their needs for optimised conversions and less money wasted.

Better Data

Use performance data to optimise campaigns for visible results. Plus, use our data to steer your other marketing efforts.

You deserve results like these.

Shield Republic


Shield Republic Website Thumb

350% Growth in ROAS

21 Return on Ad Spend

27% Conversion Rate

How Techies took an eCommerce brand struggling to produce consistent ROAS to building it out as one of their strongest channels

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Saddleman Logo


Saddleman Website Thunb

$360,000 Generated in Revenue

10x Return on Ad Spend

48% Reduction in CPA

How Techies took over the Facebook ads of an eCommerce brand struggling to produce consistent sales to deliver a 10x ROAS continuously for 12 months.

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Techies does more with paid media

Paid Ads
Increased Sales & Revenue
Increased AOV
Performance Tracking
Ad Campaign Strategy
Increased Conversion Rate
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Smarter Media Buying.
Higher ROAS.

Your business needs are always evolving.

Our team is too.

At Techies, striving for excellence is standard.

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