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If time is money, how much is your current development team costing you?

Techies provides seamless integration with your team for software development that won't slow you down.

You get your time and bandwidth back.

The result? Profits go up. Projects get done.

Imagine how your business could grow with more sales and less stress.

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  • Shield Republic

You’ve been burned before.

Let's talk tech

By companies that over-promise and under-deliver.

We don’t do that here.

We work shoulder to shoulder with your team to increase capacity.

You can trust milestones to be met with excellence.

Our process is simple. Develop. Deliver. Delight. Every time.

Growth just got way easier.

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Discover how Techies does more with your time, budget, and bandwidth.


Optimise. Expand. Magento, Shopify, & BigCommerce.

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Custom web and mobile app development with exceptional UX.

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Digital Marketing

Expand reach and increase revenue with exponential ROAS.

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Don’t take our word for it...

  • ,, Ryan Passagne – CPD

    Within 4-6 months of meeting Ami and beginning the project, CPD Anytime was pushed live on Android and the App Store. I am impressed with the fantastic job they did.

    Ryan Passagne – CPD

  • ,, Tal Mamo – Saddleman

    I just did some analysis on FB sales vs spend and I am very happy with the results! I think your team is doing an amazing job! There is a positive impact on every parameter.

    Tal Mamo – Saddleman

  • ,, Ryan Carter – Shield Republic

    Just Checking in. I was reviewing the Google numbers from first 90 days or so yall taking over. It seems really strong. I am very pleased with the low spend and high topline sales.

    Ryan Carter – Shield Republic

You never settle.
Neither do we.

Partnering with prominent eCommerce platforms to provide optimum solutions.

We never stop learning so you’re always ahead of the game.

Techies makes it easy

Our mission? Simplify big things for your business.

How? High-quality work. A deep understanding of your business. Transparent communication.

We get to know your goals. Then we help get you there with less stress and more strategy.

We care about you as much as we care about each other.

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