7 Sure-fire Ways to Optimise Checkout Page and Improve Your Conversion Rate



Is your eCommerce website or app experiencing cart abandonment? But to your surprise, it’s not only the visitors but even you, who can actually control this.

Yes, today we shall share some ways in which you can optimise the most significant point of your sale which is Checkout.

The spirit of optimising checkout is to put the interests of the buyer first and yours later. Just taking the soul, you can simply check where the visitor might feel reluctant or less motivated to complete the transaction and would leave the cart abandoned.

Let’s see how little changes in your website or app can actually raise your conversion rate exponentially.

  1. Do not force Account Creation
    The first and foremost step which might be essential to you for the sake of collecting more information and designing strategies for repeated sales is “Account Creation”. But the same might seem to be an unnecessary obligation for the visitor. For a visitor who wants an easy and quick purchase to be done, by forcing an account creation you have given him a reason to exit without completing the transaction. This is because the visitor may or may not want to develop a long-lasting relationship with you.
    This can be avoided by giving an option to the visitor whether he/she wants to get his/her details saved with you for future or not? If the customer is happy with the experience with your site, he/she will definitely be interested to come again and shop for more. A happy customer shall surely return and make a purchase from you.
  2. Do not Redirect
    It has been seen that many online stores redirect their users to another domain for the checkout process. This might be because of the kind of e-commerce platform that they are using but actually, it tends to be a threat to the security of their personal as well as credit card details.
    Considering the online scams and fake online stores who debit the amount from their cards but deliver nothing, users get alarmed when redirected to a domain which they do not recognize. Hence leading to an abandoned cart.
    So make sure that this doesn’t happen with you by ensuring checkout on your own domain. It builds trust and a sense of safety to the user.
  3. Do not Charge Hidden Fees
    Hidden costs are something which amounts to whopping 56% of the users to abandon their carts. Yes, it’s true. If you realize, it means that more than half of your users are not completing the sale transaction because of these unexpected costs which are added to their total payable amount.
    This can be sorted out by being clear and concise on how much would a product cost including the amount of taxes and the shipping charges. With this, the user might feel well informed and gets prepared to bear the costs as he is not being burdened by the same by way of an unpleasant surprise.
  4. Coupons
    Discount coupons are the most loved things for a shopper. But for those who don’t hold an authorized and valid coupon, it becomes a reason for dropping the cart in the mid. This is because many users when seeing the coupon code field might go back to check if they can yield any. In case they are not able to find one, they feel less motivated to complete the sale. And in case they find one which is either expired or not valid or is fake (which are circulated by other sites) might result in not only an abandoned cart but also a dissatisfied user.
    So it is really important to keep a track of cases where a transaction has not been completed due to unauthorized coupons. Some analytical tools can also help you in framing various reasons of cart abandonment.
  5. Single Page or Multi-page Checkout
    Some believe that a single page checkout is better and others hold faith in multi-page. It is a kind of an unending which has no conclusion. The only solution to this is to go be trial and test method. This means that you should have both the types of checkout (i.e. single page as well as multi-page) developed for your store, and put on trial one by one. You can very easily analyze as to which one is better for you.
  6. Time
    Time is the most expensive thing in today’s fast running life. We all experience and admit that delay of every single second in loading a page leads to huge dropouts. Users don’t want to spend time on a site which loads slowly or processes the transaction after a number of failure messages.
    Value time of your user and try to show them what they want to see at the quickest possible. This shall not only add to the satisfaction level of the user but also add a larger number of orders to your business.
  7. Trust & Security
    Safety of personal and card details are the things that keep banging in the mind of a user while he/she is doing the checkout. Scams, fake sites, misuse of personal as well as card details are a great reason for some to not able to have trust on your site.

    This can easily be resorted to by adding a security seal to your site. Not only this but using https and padlocks can help you a lot to win the trust of your customers. Also, ensure them that their credentials are being handed to secured hands.

The customer is the King and you need to treat yours the same way. So it is important to offer them an amazing user experience in short time with the security of their valuable information.

We hope the above-stated points shall surely help you in winning hearts of your customers and also increase your conversion rate exponentially.

Do share your experiences with us at ig@techies.it

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