How to Increase Mobile Conversions in 2019 – 5 Proven Ways


Boost Mobile Conversions in 2019

Is mobile conversion for your eCommerce business giving you a challenge? Is the increasing rate of cart abandonment by your mobile users bothering you?

You need to pay more heed to your mobile users in case you don’t want to lose out on a major
chunk of business opportunities. There is a wide behavioral difference between Mobile users and desktop users and they cant be served the same. The growing impact of Mobile Commerce is something that you can’t afford to ignore.

Actually you can notice the insanely growing trend of accepting mobile-first approach from your own surroundings. Whenever you are out, just watch around for a while. And what do you notice? People waiting for their bus/train, or while walking, or at a coffee shop, are all busy on their mobile phones.

You don’t need any further statistics to be convinced on M-Commerce being the hottest and highly elevated trend for 2019. What all you need right now is a mobile optimized ecommerce store.

If you don’t have an optimized one, we have listed 5 proven ways in which you can optimize it and increase eCommerce mobile conversions easily.

1. Optimized Mobile Pages

The most important component of mobile page load speed is its Render Start Time (RST). this parameter tells how long does a page takes to appear on a screen with its complete contents.

And recent studies show that with the decreasing levels of patience in mobile users, if a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of the users would abandon it immediately. This is followed by steep rise in percentage with every passing second. Whereas mobile sites that download in less than 5 seconds have witnessed twice the revenue from mobile ads.

The first and the foremost factor to improve your mobile conversions is the RST or the loading speed of your site. So all you need to focus on at first place is to optimize your mobile web pages to increase your mobile eCommerce conversions.

a) Reduce the server requests to minimum. Using too many analytics trackers or wrong ad setups can be the culprits behind the slack in speed. So assess the requests which are really helpful and eliminate the ones which are not much beneficial.

b) Diagnostic Check-up. Track the files which are using the maximum bytes of your site pages. Heavier files take more time to download and hence negatively affecting the speed of your page. So you should initiate with cutting down the file sizes and reducing the number of fonts ro minimum.

c) Install caching plugin which helps in storing the files on the browser. This would reduce the page load time and hence equip your site with faster RST and better conversions.

d) Use Content Delivery Network

e) Optimize the images on your site.

f) Google best practices can be followed to know more about improving your mobile page speed.

Page Load Time Affects Conversion Rates

2. User Experience

A term called “frictionless experience” has started to be used in context of explaining user experience for mobile users.

Friction can be explained in the terms of hindrances or barriers which a user comes across while using your site. Friction can be explained in terms of design elements, excessive links or excessive scrolling to navigate while their stay on your site.

You need to understand the mobile users behavior a bit. When they access your site via a mobile device, they are there with a specific reason. It can be find a way to contact you, might be there through your ad campaign looking for reason to shop with you, or finding the businesses on geographical basis or around them.

So, rather than showing them all the content that you have on your website, just show them the content to fulfill their intent.

If your website or business type needs your mobile site users to call you, then you must have a “Click to Call” button on the header itself. Similarly, if you want to collect email addresses of your users then you must have a “submit” button on the email form.

If you have any promotion campaign being run for your business, make sure that it is visible on the first fold itself. As otherwise, too much scrolling will create more friction and thereby killing the purpose of running a promotion.

Increase Conversion rate with UX Optimization

3. Adopt Responsive design

A mobile site design has a direct relation with conversions. For a mobile site loaded with too much of information, images and slower loading speed is simply a no-no. It affects mobile users in two ways- too much content leads to higher friction and low load time leads to higher impatience of the user leading to abandoned site.

An unresponsive site with a bad design is something you should immediately be terminated. This not only stakes your business reputation and their trust in it but also discourages the users to visit your site ever again.

On the contrary, if your site serves the purpose which your mobile users are looking for, then they would really extend their trust in your business. A clean site with responsive design not only wins your users confidence but also creates a credibility persuasive enough to do business with you.

Responsive Design improve conversions

4. Incorporate Digital Wallets

No one likes typing loads of personal information and that too on mobile screens. Moreover, users today find it a risk to their money when they are asked to fill in their card details.

One of the reasons behind cart abandonment on your mobile site is the fact that users have to fill in payment information which creates a hesitation.

This problem can be dealt with by incorporating digital wallets on your checkout page.
Being the major constituent of a seamless checkout process, you should ensure that your users find it easy and safe to pay you for their purchases.

With digital wallets like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal are some of the most popular digital wallets. With multiple layers of encryption, these digital wallets are witnessing rising popularity due to the security and convenience attached with them.

Hence to increase your mobile conversion rate, integrate digital wallets on your store for delivering easy checkout experience to your users.

Digital Wallet Benefits

5. Set the Tools Right

Google Analytics provides such a wide range of tools which can help you optimize your ecommerce platform performance. Same is true to the mobile version of your estore.

You just need to ensure that your Google Analytics has been set up correctly and are apt for the mobile version.

With efficient tools offered by Analytics, you can easily find out which are the problem pages, or which pages are reported with highest bounce rates.

When you are able to track and pin point the trouble, only then you can find a solution.
Another tool which helps a lot in improving the user’s experience on your mobile site is the Mobile friendly test by Google. This tool not only tests how good is your mobile site in the context of Google’s guidelines but it also allows you to view an analytic report for your eStore.


Just before saying the last words, it is suggested that you should always test the changes that you have made to your eCommerce site.

Testing not only helps you find whether all the changes have been done as per required, but also gives you an opportunity to find areas of further improvement and enhancement.

Optimizing your mobile commerce conversion rate is not bound to these 5 steps only but once implemented, they will prove to be the milestones on the journey of delivering exceptional user experience.

With only counted days left to 2019, we have been sharing the trends that would be helpful to you in various realms of eCommerce. We hope you would like them all improve the core of your eCommerce business.

We would love to hear if we added any value to your business and even more dearly your suggestions. For any queries please feel free to contact us.

For more trends, insights and tips, stay tuned for upcoming blogs.

Till then stay optmized, keep Converting!!

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