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How to Successfully Use Instagram Checkout

Posted: July 19, 2021



Before the ensuing pandemic, Instagram introduced a shopping feature that enabled businesses to sell more through social media. The trend hasn’t changed much during the pandemic.

Instagram Checkout is a feature introduced to Instagram which is quite useful in eCommerce marketing. Essentially, it lets users on Instagram purchase directly from brands on the platform, no more redirecting to the seller’s webpage. For businesses that have a solid presence on the social media platform, Instagram checkout is a valuable asset.

How to Use Instagram Checkout


While on Instagram, a user may come across a product they like, they tap on the tags for more details on the products page. Once there, they are now able to see more about the product including the colour variants available and sizes. A blue button, not hard to miss, is the “Checkout on Instagram” button, which is used to pay for the product. Users can then make payments using supported platforms like Visa, American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, or Discover. To complete the payment, users are required to enter personal details and billing information, which are securely stored for future purchases. Once the purchasing sequence is complete, the user receives shipment and delivery notifications. They can also track their purchase from the “orders” section.

Success Tips with Instagram Checkout


Instagram has over 1 billion active users presently, and thus is a social media network with lots of opportunity for eCommerce. Sellers seeking to maximize business success with Instagram checkout ought to consider the tips below:

. Create 20+ Monthly Shoppable Posts and Tag Them

These are the primary drivers for product discovery by users (potential customers). It is recommended that you create at least 20 shoppable posts per month to enhance the success rate. Aside from that, you can enlist the services of a professional social media strategist. The strategist will engage your audience whenever they are most active and recognize their behavioural patterns. Relative to social media influencers, eCommerce sellers should aim towards daily posting and tagging them.

. Use Instagram Stories to Push your Brand

Instagram Stories engage audiences very well, you can use them to be authentic and creative while promoting your products. With Instagram Stories, many users will watch them compared to diving into Instagram feed. It is an excellent shopping strategy for getting the word out there and boost sales. Moreover, it’s a great idea to promote without the hustle that comes from traditional promotion. Furthermore, authenticity makes it easier to make sales.

. Incorporate Influencer Marketing

As a business owner seeking to promote your brand on social media, you must work with influencers. These influencers are widely popular in the social platform they represent and thus can help you boost your product reach. You can grant them exclusive permission to tag your product which makes it possible for their followers to also purchase from their posts. In essence, it makes for an opportunity to convert on the spot.

. Set Up a Facebook Page Shop

Facebook bought Instagram a while back and through cross-platform linking, you can expand your reach further. Setting up a Facebook Page is easy, and have it linked to your Instagram account. Since you’ll be cataloguing and tagging your products, mirror them on Facebook for additional advantage. Also, have the Facebook Page optimized similarly to the data feed catalogue on Instagram for the checkout. Users can then check your products and make purchases from Facebook as well.

. Keep a Healthy Instagram Account

A healthy account maximizes your sales opportunities. You must comprehend your Instagram’s account performance. Ensure you meet all requirements as a business account for a greater customer experience. Moreover, you’ll learn vital insights relative to the business, like shipping and delivery. In addition, you’ll learn metrics like customer support and your average product rating. A positive customer experience builds loyalty and fosters word-of-mouth recommendations.

. Create Video Content

It is necessary to take advantage of video in eCommerce marketing. Video can portray your brand in many different ways to secure a conversion. Moreover, Instagram has been tailored for mobile devices to which nearly everyone has access. Take advantage of video content to stay ahead of the eCommerce competition. Finally, Instagram allows you to tag up to 5 products in a single video post.

. Launch Exclusive Products on Instagram

Another great way to boost sales up with Instagram Checkout is via exclusive products launch. Sharing limited edition items on the platform creates a unique offer to your audience. Moreover, it creates a “must-have-it” kind of craze or hype around the product. Plus, it rewards your Instagram community, making them feel special and thus, building brand trust and loyalty!

. Have Consistent Product Tags

Instagram marketing strategies always stress the need for consistency. Consistently add product tags to Instagram stories as mentioned earlier, to make it easier for your audience to find product details. Your followers will not only see you as reliable but also will be ready to shop as soon as you hit publish!

Another great tip involves the use of call-to-action tags in your captions. It trains your followers to “tap to shop” much like the “double-tap to like” feature. These tags can be embedded in the form of hashtags which can be shared widely.

Benefits of Instagram Checkout for Business


Without a doubt, Instagram checkout comes with additional benefits in eCommerce marketing. Early adoption of this feature will drive your audience from merely browsing to actual purchasing. Therefore, it has a huge impact on conversion rates and also creates a seamless experience for your customers. Instagram Checkout encompasses the entire shopping journey, in one place and guaranteed to help drive more sales for your business and brand.  It is quick, and easy for your customers to make purchases directly on Instagram! Moreover, the Instagram Checkout feature eliminates obstacles that usually accompany online purchases i.e., website redirecting and payment data security.

Have you incorporated Instagram Checkout in your business?