7 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Website to Magento Commerce Now


Top Reasons to Upgrade your website to Magento Commerce

Magento being an open-source platform is one of the most significant reasons for the success of eCommerce industry. It gives traders an e-store rich with flexible solutions and rich functionality. With Magento, you can create unique, excellent customer experience, and hence generate more sales.

Magento has two platforms that traders can venture; they include Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. Community edition now called Magento Open Source is usually the best decision that a small business can start with to succeed in the Magento platform. Being the most widely used and most powerful platform, Magento Commerce will be the wisest decision you make when global expansion is on your mind.

It’s important for you to know and realize when your website needs an upgrade. We have listed seven signs that indicate when you need to move from your current Magento to Magento Commerce. They include:

    • Popularity

For your ecommerce business, getting visitors is the sign of rising popularity. But for your ecommerce website, is this popularity stressful or friendly? For your customers not to experience slow downloads, broken pages caused by too many people checking the site simultaneously, it is vital to protect your reputation to increase sales from potential customers. Magento is known for its highly scalable feature, getting more traffic will no more be matter to worry but to rejoice.

Magento Commerce provides an enhanced database that enables your business to function appropriately and serve different clients that visit your website. It also offers advanced features like cloud hosting that are essential to hold additional muscles when there is a high-traffic.

    • High Conversion Rate

Another way to know if your website is active is through the conversion rate. A high percentage indicates that you are marketing to the right audience, you possess the right products and you are selling well. This isn’t it. For more growth and for exploring the best out of Magneto, upgrade to Magento Commerce for its conversion-driving features, and here are some tips to optimise checkout page & improve conversion rate. To mention a few such enticing opportunities which will be available to you with upgraded version are:

a) You will be able to create segmented storefronts and send fragmented marketing messages to your customers.

b) Added functionalities like built-in gift card and offering gift-wrapping options.

c) Can have access to over 100 types of promotions.

    • Venturing New Market

A point where you can serve new customers and introduce new products to the market indicates that your business is growing. This professional platform provides you with multi-sites that allow you to create various web pages and stores for different customers. It gives you the opportunity to introduce your products and sell them to the right clients.

    • Fulfilment challenge

Increased demand for orders and customers can bring fulfilment challenges. Magento Commerce has features that can aid to cumber these challenges. Such as enhanced database support that can create a faster and productive environment.

Magento admin interface that manages orders, customers and work flow more efficiently is also another important feature. With Magento you can not only accomplish the fulfilment challenges but also make your customers delighted with effective execution of their orders.

    • Content on your website is not Driving Sales

Magento Commerce can catalyse the growth of your business. Presentation and website content are the best features that help you connect with customers to help them take that buying decision.

This platform gives you the modular content, scheduling tools, preview and staging features for you to update on your own without the aid of a developer. You can upgrade different layouts and designs and also build pages that contain images and content that will make your products depict convincing description and hence sell effectively.

    • Key Performance Indicators drop

The KPIs here is the situation whereby your business moves from success to struggling in a short period. This might not be due to any changes in your internal factors. Such a situation is either a result of sticking to the same old technology or your competitors moving to the latest technological upgrades.

Initiating new technologies before your competitors are the key to success. Apart from enhanced features, Magento Commerce helps your website to retain and draw customers with incredible personalized offers and security for them to enjoy.

Offering better customer service, faster shipping and relatively lower prices to the clients will help you stay ahead of the competition. So, to prevent your Key performance Indicators to drop and your customers migrating to your competitors, migrate to upgraded platform.

    • Social media integration

Magento in its further upgraded version Magento 2.2 has offered an advanced feature of connecting your Facebook store to Magento platform. With Magneto Social you can easily sync your catalogues with your respective FB stores to leverage the power of your social presence. You can launch storefronts, update product listings automatically to your social profiles and offer a consistent look with your Magento product catalogue. It will not only save your time and energy but also money of maintaining a team for updating price listings.


With all the above mentioned points, we have tried to make your journey in this Ecommerce industry a bit more comfortable. Techies India Inc. can help you in Magento Development with confidence ensuring easy and successful transition driving sales and growth.
Wishing you a smooth working and highly efficient e-store. Happy Selling.

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