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How AI & Chatbots will take over Mobile Technology by 2019?

Posted: November 27, 2018



About AI & Chatbots

Just like mobile devices and smartphones are the future of eCommerce, so are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots emerging as most helpful trends for better user experience and user engagement.

AI has been established as a technology that collects data, analyze it and helps businesses to take better and informed decisions. The rising popularity of AI is being combined with the interesting and intelligent Chatbots for better mobile solutions. It is a big opportunity for the Mobile app development companies to integrate Artificial Intelligence and chatbots in the apps they develop.

Raising at a growth rate of 24.3% annually, Grand View Research reports that chatbot market across the world is expected to touch $1.23 billion by the year 2025.

Chatbots are expected to cut down business costs by $8 billion dollars by the year 2022, as per Juniper Research.

According to Gartner, more than 50% of the large enterprises will deploy some kind of bots or chatbots on their businesses online by 2021.

Benefits of AI & Chatbots in Mobile Technology

1.Enhanced Conversational Experience to the users

Where AI is bridging the gaps between corporates and consumers, Chatbots are beautifying these corridors. Users are always in a quest to have something useful and interesting in the apps they use.

Hence combining chatbots with AI has become quite an alluring resort for the business owners to offer an engaging platform to their users in their mobile apps.

This amazing duo is not only offering the customers with an exceptional conversational experience but also managing a number of customers and providing them with the personalized experience at the same time.

2. Personalization of Apps

By integrating AI into mobile apps, developers and brands are able to facilitate personalized experience to the users. Mobile apps with inbuilt AI Chatbots are the future of personalization.

Customers need not to feed their location every time, AI will automatically trace it and provide results likewise. This technology helps the brands gather detailed information about the users from different means.

When the collected data is combined with the user behavior, it helps in improving and offering a better user experience. AI and chatbots let the users savor exceptional services that too without making any additional efforts.

AI Chatbots deliver the user a far richer experience which is contextual and relevant to their taste.

3. Better Authentication of the App

Security perils are scaring not only for the customers but also for the store owners as they hit their reputation hard. But now vulnerabilities on online transactions or leakage of customer’s credential will be taken care of by this advanced technology.

Catering to the all-time high-security threats to user’s personal information, AI will be a huge help to businesses who value their customers. AI focusses on the behavior pattern of the users and also be vigil enough to send security alerts if they find something malicious.

Chatbots too help in offering solutions to security perils. They are incorporated with complex algorithms and very secured protocols which makes it really difficult for intruders to hack the apps and even try for security leakages.

Furthermore, AI along with its Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning technologies can help developers find new ways to log in/out of the mobile app. Suggesting the loopholes and security backdoors, AI and chatbots prove to be extremely helpful in authenticating your mobile apps.

4. Seamless Integration of advance Search Experience

It is far from doubt that AI and chatbots will not support the advanced ways of providing better search experience to the users. AI has been developed for offering users a better time on devices. Hence it is empowering users to make their searches via text, voice, and images.

With an initiative to take user experience to the next level, technology has improved to such an extent that it allows the user to search in their natural language.

With continuous improvement in technology and consistent rise in their popularity, AI Chatbots for business have opened new resorts and innovating a lot more.

Seamless integration of image recognition and features like app localization are some of the interesting spheres introduced in the development of mobile apps.

5. Empowering IoT with AI

AI is proving to be one of the most efficient and potential technologies to collect real-time data. Utilizing this unbeatable potential Artificial Intelligence is actually leading the factors for the growth of Internet of Things (IoT).

With IoT, the realm of AI has widened manifolds. Now it encompasses and enables all the connected devices to collect real-time data, learn from the pattern in which information is being exchanged and act accordingly.

On similar lines, chatbots too are providing real-time and very useful information and even help users request a ride, book air tickets, buy products and lot more than this.

With a massive number of 50 billion, a statistics have predicted it be the number of connected devices by the year 2020. This is nothing short of a huge opportunity for online business owners to get AI chatbots integrated on their mobile apps.

Mobile Economy has a very interesting and intelligent future with an announcement of AI chips in 5G smartphones.

Industries benefitting from AI & Chatbots

1. E-commerce Industry

E-commerce and MCommerce have been the toppers in the list of industries who have benefitted from integrating AI and Chatbots. Right from helping the users to narrow down their search to the products/services they are looking for, to getting their queries resolved and even their grievances sorted and much more, AI and Chatbots have extensively helped retail/eCommerce industry users.

2. Health

It is really commendable the way AI and Chatbots are being used in the healthcare industry. With inbuilt analytics, Chatbots are making it easier for users to understand their symptoms without even visiting a doctor.

When you feel you have some issues with your health but they are not as serious as to insist you to visit a doctor, Chatbots integrated into mobile apps for healthcare can easily help you diagnose the ailment.

3. Customer Service

Customer Service Industry is undoubtedly being benefitted by this innovating technology. The realm of this technology in the customer service industry is quite similar to that of its general

a) Understanding user behavior,
b) Personalised experience,
c) Identifying customer issues,
d) Provide relevant solutions and provide product/service suggestions,
e) Offer real-time support,
f) Prompt with proactive alerts and
g) minimize customer complaints and abandonment.

4. News and Publishing

News and publishing industry is optimally utilizing AI Chatbots for delivering real-time content to the viewers and online readers.

Reaping rewards and getting higher user engagement, AI chatbots offer a lot more like

a) Automated reporting
b) Reformatting of articles
c) Content translation and moderation
d) Personalization of content
e) Predictive analytics
f) Auto-tagging via image recognition


The arena of AI and Chatbots has not been left limited to a few industries listed above. Rather this unparallel technology is being accepted and integrated into every industry you can think of.

Technavio has predicted that there would be an approximate CAGR of 39% in the global artificial Intelligence chips market during the year 2019-2023.

Mobile devices and smartphones being the future of accessing the internet, AI and Chatbots are proving to be the most beautifully integrated technology accessing the Internet of Things.

You may call it revamping, innovating or exploring the unexplored, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are doing something amazing to the mobile economy. Providing 24/7 customer service, understanding human emotions, offering personalization of apps, seamless integration of latest and advanced search experiences and a lot more are to the credit of AI and Chatbot technology.

Hoping that this post would have helped you take a better and quicker decision on incorporating AI Chatbots in your mobile apps. For any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Until next time, keep optimized and stay updated.