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Social media today has taken up a very important and powerful position in our lives. It is equally true for a common man as it is for a marketer. No wonder social media is proving to be a blessing to business owners, be it a small business or a multinational company. Amongst the various platforms of social media, we will talk about Twitter today.

Twitter has been listed among the top websites in the world with a rank of 8 across the globe. It is reported to have 5 to 10 thousand new users joining Twitter every day. And grand total of the users of Twitter, as a micro-blogging platform are 313 million active users per month. So having Twitter amongst your social media toolbox is becoming as important as it is to have a mobile phone, email address and a website for your business.

Twitter is sure to be benefiting your business if your present and potential customer base fits with Twitter user profile. With regular Tweets or short messages upto the length of 140 characters, you can build your brand and communicate anything to your followers. So here we bring list of tool that Twitter offers as a constant stream of communication to your business.


This word has become quite popular with the rising popularity of Twitter accounts. Hashtags are the words that identify and group hundreds and thousands of tweets together. It is a way by which even your non-followers can reach out to you to read and share the content posted on the platform. You can easily find the hashtag that are popular among users under the Trending Topics.

It is advisable to put only those hashtags that are related to your Tweet. Irrelevant and unnecessary number of hashtags will make your followers less likely to interact and find your posts as spam like. It is also worth mentioning that you should not use those trending topics or breaking news as hashtags that are related to some tragedy or any tragic evet unless you are well aware of the whole story.


Videos top the charts for the kind of content that is liked by users. So is true with videos in Twitter as well. Videos are an interesting visual treat to the users which allow brands and businesses to present themselves with a story telling experience.

Videos are very useful to business for product demonstrations, its functionality and its benefits. They are easy to connect and understand. Providing a call to action in the tweet or the video itself will give your followers the reason to act, to interact and share the content.

Photos, GIFs and Polls

Earlier Twitter allowed only one photo to be attached with the tweet but now users can add upto four photos to their posts. Twitter helps you create graphics with its in-built GIF keyboard. When you search a keyword related to your post, it shows clips from which you can select the one that matches your tweet. Another fun and quite interactive tool is a Poll. Targeting for customer engagement? Just frame a question and let your followers respond back to you with given response options.


Twitter Chat is just like common chatting on internet, but the difference lies in the audience. Twitter chat is tool that allows its users to use a common hashtag or a trending topic and discuss a specific topic simultaneously hosted by Twitter user. It needs a relatively large audience and active followers for a successful session. This chat session ends for about an hour prior to which the host prepares the questions and participants respond to the questions respectively. It is a very useful tool to show your social media activeness and also keep your followers engaged. It is also useful while presenting a new product, add a new line of products or launching of a new business. As with this tool you can get the feedback of your followers and even some worthy advice on any topic.

Direct Messages

Direct messages are like one to one conversation between two Twitter users. This tool of Twitter has helped brands to settle down customer issues or for handling and troubleshooting the problems faced by the clients at multiple outlets of your brand or business.

You can easily satisfy any queries put by your customers privately by direct messages. With an add-on to these messages, DM will be allowing its users to share their location for reference even if they are not physically present there. This will be helping users to make travel reservations or placing an order at a restaurant. FourSquare’s location data is powering this feature to Twitter Direct Messages.

Twitter Lists

Twitter has been offering its users with tools that facilitate them and their businesses. Twitter lists are one such feature that avails its users to make lists of the persons who inspire them or those whose posts they want to view regularly. By this tool users may select a number of people whom they find interesting and name the list relevantly and see their posts regularly without actually following them individually.


Twitter has been helping brands and corporates to mark their social presence, interact with their followers and troubleshoot issues. Not only this but Twitter has many more ways to help your business grow and meet its goals. So, make an account, use it relevantly, build your community, reach out to your target audience (both current and potential) and measure the performance of Twitter Strategy. Keep your followers engaged and interact with you freely for a better impact. Jump into the Twitter Pool and bring the freshness to your brand. Do write to us about your experience on twitter and how it helped your business. Stay tuned for such more content.

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