Why Online Reviews Can Affect Your Customer’s Behaviour?


Don’t you pay attention to your online reviews?  Well… How would you react if you get to know that 90% of online buyers are influenced by online reviews before making a buying decision?

Bingo… We’ve got you there!

As per a survey conducted on respondents, 88% of internet users trust online reviews as personal recommendations. That is why when you need to increase your online sales and attract more customers, you must contemplate upon having more reviews.

In other words,having no reviews is no less harmful than having negative reviews”.

Another reason for increasing significance of these reviews is that with the increase in e-commerce business online buyers feel better to be armed with some information rather than none.

Moreover for an effective local SEO, online reviews top the priority charts. Local search engines are in a business to provide people with accurate information for their search queries. And according to MOZs Local SEO Ranking Factors Survey, 10% of the results presented by Google and other search engines are based on online reviews. So focus on your ecommerce store this way as well.

Ways to garner Positive reviews:-

  1. Have a Website. No doubt it is elementary these days to have a website. But just having a website doesn’t serve the purpose. Your website must be well equipped with following:-
  •  Information about your business. It should provide clear contact information like your business address, working hours, site directions and a map.
  • Complete updates. It should be completely updated with whole range of products and services available and their respective prices.
  • Should promote your business positively.
  1. Ensure it to be mobile friendly. With the increasing trend of smartphones and other mobile devices, it has become essential to have a website that is mobile friendly. As per a survey 60% of internet users contact a local business when its website is mobile friendly.
  1. Observe and respond aptly. You should keep a check on the reviews. In other words observe the negative reviews, don’t apologize immediately but offer a resolution to the customer offline. Your negative customers once convinced, often turn out to be more loyal ones. Same way you should take out time to thank positive reviewers and appreciate them for their valuable time.
  1. Don’t purchase fake reviews. Sooner or later fake reviews get exposed and badly damage your reputation. Once the tag of fake gets attached to your business, it will be really hard to revive and rebuild it.


All the above mentioned points clearly establish a direct relationship between online reviews and increase in volume of sales. Being an ecommerce seller, inspite of limitations of online feedback system, it’s well worth to get your buyers post something about your products and services. The quality of your products and services will itself speak volumes by way of positive reviews, higher rankings and greater revenues. So work quickly on converting your unhappy reviewers to be happy customers again and appreciate and thank your positive reviewers for better customer satisfaction.

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