Mobile Application Development – A Revolution


Revolution of Mobile Apps

We should not be surprised with breakneck growth of mobile adoption. Statistics show that today 3 out of every 4 people is using mobile phones on Earth. Since the introduction of iphone in the year 2007, mobile phone industry has been taken by storm opening new and advanced avenues both for the users and the mobile app developers.

Smart phones are undoubtedly becoming an eminent part of our lives, but mobile apps running on mobile devices are empowering them to make our lives easier. If we just have a look on these apps they range from shopping apps, games, entertainment, social networking, navigation, music, health, travel, hotel reservation, hiring a car and what not. All these things come in our phones helping us to do any task without moving from our place. Realising the utility of these mobile apps businesses have started promoting their brands and products through them to reach out to their audience.

What is Mobile Application?

Mobile application is a simple term as its name. it is an application developed for mobiles. Mobile apps are enjoying a larger user base and greater audience and as the mobile devices are getting advanced, so are the mobile apps getting smarter to help and ease lives of users. It is irrespective of the size and nature of your business, to reach your target audience or connect with general public, it is becoming very essential for business owners.

    Advantages for Users:

  • Easy to use The most important advantage of a mobile app is that it empowers the users to surf and get things that they love, that too without have to move to physical stores
  • Convenient and Entertaining Mobile apps are a fascinating and convenient way to get the most desirable things at your fingertips.
  • Direct Interaction with The Brand With the mobile app, the users believe that your business is well established and strong as it has sound platforms and applications. They feel secured while dealing with your brand as they know that they can interact with your brand any time they face any difficulty.
  • Receive Important Notifications Mobile apps help the users to receive instant notifications of any promotions, special offers or discounts on brand that they like to buy via their mobile apps which otherwise will not be available in case of physical stores.

    Advantages to Brands:

  • Easy and Affordable to Reach Customers A mobile app is the most apt and popular way to reach your customers directly to sell your products/services without incurring much additional cost. Moreover an app save the cost of physical store management, profit margins of middlemen and excessive transportation costs.
  • Direct Connect with Audience Mobile apps are empowering businesses to connect and create a bond with their users. Handling grievances and sorting them immediately helps you get more loyal customers with a lasting relation.
  • Can Attract Younger Generation As per a statistics, the mobile users across the world will be reaching 4.77 billion in number of which 80% of the users are teenagers or youngsters ranging from 10 to 27 years. You can get your mobile apps developed to attract and cater to these young people.

In this fast moving technological world, it has become almost impossible to survive without adopting the latest developments and advancements in this modern era. As mobiles have become a necessity to the users, mobile apps are attaining equal importance for both the users and businesses. Mobile app is having equal benefits for users and the brands rendering it to be revolutionary development easing up the lives of the users and giving new perspective to business. We would conclude this piece of content with the fact that mobile app development has a wide scope for businesses to build their brands and reach out to the interested chunk easily. As the opportunity knocks, don’t miss it, just grab it at earliest possible.

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