How Augmented Reality (AR) Can Be Useful for Your Business?


AR for business

Augmented reality is an ongoing technology which strives to bring virtual world objects into the real world. The virtual world involves a simulated environment. It is used as a technological tool for enhancing our everyday activities. Computer generated images, sound, and touch feedback enhance user perception and experience.

augmented reality visualization

AR works by bringing the computer-generated elements into a real world. These digital elements put the users in the current perspective.

Originally, augmented reality was commercially applied in the military department but recently more businesses use the technology to reshape how they interact with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Users use the technology to share knowledge, managing company’s data, organizing meetings or use the mobile phone to scan and view images.

Why AR is on the rise

The launch of Google ARCore and Apple ARKit development platforms, more AR apps are developed and used in different industries. Innovating businesses are implemented AR as part of their strategic management system to make them more productive in the competitive world.

Industries like e-commerce, marketing, education, and gaming among others rely on AR for their future market growth.

A recent research carried out by Statista indicate that virtual reality and augmented reality market size will rise to $215 billion by 2021.

AR and VR Market Size Forecast

More users are curious about the augmented reality and its uses. Start-up companies are reportedly implementing this technology to increase the growth potential.

One 1 billion users are expected to use this new technology by 2020.

With many startups and tech companies leveraging this technology, the future of AR will be more lucrative.

Some companies like Audi and Volkswagen have designed augmented reality apps to help run business operations efficiently. The Audi app is used as a manual for consumers whereas the Volkswagen app is used by mechanics to help them diagnose and fix car problems

Implementation of augmented reality requires the real-time interaction of the users and the virtual reality system. Augmented reality development tools and frameworks help in the creation of different augmented reality apps for use in Android and iOS devices.

Scope of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality offers incredible user experience. Many start-ups have undertaken industrial innovations, thus, taking the augmented reality development to a whole new level. Some of the questions that have been bugging minds over all these years like:
How can we travel from one point to another without having to look at our phones?
How can we know everything about a product and how it fares without having to visit the store?
How can doctors be trained without having to put any human lives at stake?

Here we bring you the industries which have already innovated in the field of AR. Some of the use cases for augmented reality include the gaming industry, e-commerce, marketing, medical field, and automotive industry among others.

Some of the industries which will contribute to the future growth of AR by 2020 include;

  • Medical field

    AR in Medical Field

    The medical industry uses AR to educate and train medical personnel. Surgeons use it to train in unexpected cases. AR provides them with the tools and procedures they need to carry out a task and put them in a real-world perspective. The tools not only provide teaching procedures but also give them an environment to practice more.

    It is also used as an educational tool to help doctors and surgeons stay up-to-date, share knowledge and also consult with other doctors in real time.

  • Automotive industry

    Augmented reality companies like Mazda use the technology to design car models which display the car speed and warning signals in the car’s windshield.

    WayRay Company provides Navion navigation system using a glass display to guide you while driving.

  • Marketing Industry

    Augmented reality can be used as a tool for a great marketing campaign. You can create a simulator for your product using graphics, data, sound, and science to create a great user experience.

  • Education

    Augmented reality is revolutionizing the education sector. It opens the students to a lot of imagination by visualizing 3D models in real-time. It makes the learning experience entertaining and more authentic to the students.

    It makes learning more interactive and creates a good teacher-student relationship. Watching simulation exercises can be interesting and more attractive to students thus motivating them.

  • Commerce

    You can do online and offline shopping using the developed augmented reality apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. Businesses can also rely on the technology to promote the products and update customers on the availability of the products in the world market.

  • Manufacturing

    It is used in the manufacturing industry to monitor the progress of the manufacturing process in real time. Managers can also use the technology to test how a piece of a product will fit the final construction.

Advantages of using AR in business

  • Time-saving:

    The technology improves accuracy and efficiency of projects

  • Quality improvement:

    AR tools used in content creation enhance the quality of services.

  • User interactivity:

    Users can interact with AR systems for great output.

  • Opens opportunities for personalization:

    gives users a chance to create unique content and express one’s attributes.


Augmented reality is the future growth prospects for business. It provides the potential to create, share, educate and interact in real-time. More augmented reality companies are emerging in the market creating an innovative and competitive business environment. Don’t just lag behind your competitors. With such growing prospects, give your business a new dimension to rise.

Do share your thoughts and feedback on this buzzing topic.

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