A Guide to Design a Landing Page That Converts


A Guide to Design a Landing Page that Converts

Is your landing page rendering high conversion?

No? We bring you some essentials that will turn your landing page into conversion machine.

Anything which is marketed has a hidden or expressed motive of conversion. Marketers have been putting the best of their efforts to attract customers to their websites and blogs and get them converted into their customers. But the same is not that easy as is said. Here landing pages play a vital role.

About Landing Page

A landing page is a webpage where visitors arrive at or land on while looking out for a particular purpose. For a landing page to be effective and efficient in converting the visitors, it is ought to be a standalone webpage which focuses on a single motive. It is not linked to your website for the reason of not offering many options to the visitor. But this webpage should ensure a positive user experience which shall motivate person arrived to follow the call to action.

The call to action can be any like to sell any product or service or to invite people to a conference or webinar, to make an offer or to offer a discount, to introduce a product or service or to raise charity. A landing page can be for any purpose but the only essential is that it should be well linked to the related required action.

It is admitted and accepted that there are no hard and fast rules for designing highly converting landing pages. But there are of course some guidelines which can help a lot to offer a better user experience by understanding the psychology of the visitor and appealing to their instinct so that they follow the desired call-to-action.

Here we are listing some of the common characteristics of highly successful and influential landing pages:

  1. Engrossing HeadlineIt’s a headline which caters to the mind of the visitor. A killer headline does wonders to attract and engage your visitor and make him stay on your landing page and read what all he needs to know. We have used the word engrossing to explain that if you can make your headline such that reader wants to stay on your page as he feels that you are talking about something which he should know, and then it’s a win-win situation.Landing Page Design GuideEven your page headline can start off with a testimonial, a secret promising solution with simplicity or even a “How-to” also holds the eye of the visitor looking for an easy solution process in this complex world. It will serve the purposes of both: the reader and yours.
  2. Focussed Purpose
    Next comes the purpose of your landing page. Researchers have shown and concluded that the more you offer to your visitor, the longer they take to make a decision. So the purpose of your landing page needs to be narrow so that the visitor who arrives on your page is directed towards one sole motive. And this motive is, of course, the purpose for which that landing page is designed.
  3. Engaging Pictures
    A lot many studies and researches have concluded that the human brain processes visual information far faster than that of text. It is always advisable to add pictures to keep the visitor engaged.While there are some specifications while adding pictures to your landing page like:

    Baristaa) Pictures need to be large
    b) They should be related to the purpose of your landing page.
    c) Picture should be of the product or the relevance of the service that you are focussing on your page.
    d) Ensure that the pictures you are using are high quality and appropriately prepared.

  4. Value PropositionValue proposition is something which makes your product or service or idea different from that of others. These are also known as core benefits, with which you can influence your readers or visitor to take a desired action. As the reader might be giving a quick look at your landing page, and if you have convincing and appropriate solutions or benefits on the same page that appeals to him/her, then it may definitely inspire the reader to follow your call to action.iPad Pro
  5. Effective Page StructurePage structure or the flow of your page means that your page should start with headline, explanation moving to the customer oriented core benefits of your product then flowing over to some authentic testimonials and then adding a strong call to action. This is an effective page structure which leads a reader to think about what all you are trying to offer him/her. CTA (call-to-action) is the most essential part of your landing page and should be placed carefully. Adding a compelling and persuasive call to action at the end of every discrete section of your landing page can also help if the page is really long.
  6. Loss Aversion StrategyHuman nature is such that it has always avoided anything painful or anything that brings any kind of loss to him/her. This means that every product has a capability to relieve some pain of the user. If the visitor can be made to experience that pain then s/he shall definitely look around to avoid or avert that pain or loss.Medical ResearchHere you can play the trick by explaining the core benefits that can best relieve the user from pain or avert them from such losses.
  7. Pleasure seeking StrategyHuman nature has another fascinating fact that they seek pleasure or benefit from everything. This can be utilised in your landing page by explaining that your product/service has an additional advantage of social, psychological or emotional or other pleasures.
    Credit Repair
    Explain the various pleasures that your product can fulfil for the user. Be it security, freedom, comfort, relief, honour, appreciation or any other thing that compensates his/her desires and wishes.
  8. Illustrative VideosVideos are one of the most watched things on the internet. So it’s high time to put the most popular thing on your landing page. Including illustrative videos of how your product works or how do you serve your clients and how viewers can put your idea to practise.SlackSuch videos should effectively cover all the aspects of your product/service that you want your visitors to watch and consider. This is an easy and efficient way of inspiring and motivating people to act in the desired manner.
  9. Testimonials to establish CredibilityTestimonials play an important role in proving your credibility. Not only because they are the words of real people who have used your product/service, but also they offer a foundation for trust to the new users.A Guide to Design a Landing Page that ConvertsWhile including testimonials it is advisable to add the pictures of the people and their names to be more relevant to the visitors. This way they can establish higher credibility in what the words are trying to communicate to them.
  10. Simple and Clear CTAComing down to the most significant part of the landing page, for an effective call-to-action, you need to be as simple and clear as you can. A simple call shall make it easy for the reader to understand and follow as to what he needs to do, once he is convinced with your explanation, value proposition, pleasure achievement and good words for you by other people.

    But at the same time your call-to-action should be equally powerful, persuasive and compelling. It is essential to make CTA in form of a button with contrasting color which is easily visible to the reader. Use exciting words on CTA button with prominent font and style so that the reader feels happy and inspired to press it.
  11. Modes of ContactAs the name suggests it means you need to mention all the possible ways in which a visitor can contact you or reach up to you. Most  companies have an inbuilt chat bot on their sites which is also an effective way in which the reader can clarify any doubts on his mind. It is also advisable to give an assurance to the readers by adding the physical address and phone numbers to enable building of a strong bond of trust in your company.

To conclude on this long yet fruitful process of designing a converting landing page, you should do some A/B testing to keep improving. A constant effort to improve is the best and most important way to success.

All the above stated steps in the process of making a successful page shall surely help you achieve one.Do send us your comments to share your success stories. For any queries or help on creating conversion oriented landing page, please feel free to contact us.

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