7 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Facebook Engagement


FB Marketing Best Practices

Do you want your Facebook page to be a big Hit? or Do you want your Facebook marketing to succeed?

An estimate shows that over 40 million small businesses use Facebook as their marketing platform. Not only small but even big brands and business houses promote their brand and find it most feasible to connect to their customers. As per a research, the average value that one Facebook fan has is about $174, which may vary with the business and industry. Paid ad platform are the most common and easy ways of getting Facebook likes, but today we are sharing some simple yet effective ways to increase your organic posts reach along with your visibility.

1 Engage your fans

The very first and foremost thing that you should consider while crafting updates or postings on your page should be focused on grabbing your readers or visitors attention and indulging them into an engaging response. Catching people’s eye and motivating them to take action pays you back. Some of the tips for composing an engaging content are to ask questions, fill-in-the-blanks and asking for captions or related questions to an image. It can be in following ways:

a) the better perspective is to elevate conversation to anything larger than your brand .
b) Innovate and create ways to engage your audience into contests and photo captions.
c) Get an app developed and encourage your fans and followers to share with their friends as a part of fun or as some gift.

2 Post with a Strategy

Having a strategy to post your content, blog or updates is the next best thing. If you don’t have a clear plan or time to schedule your posts, then you may hardly get the desired response. Scheduling your posts and including one of the following key points will surely fetch you a massive amount of fan engagement.

a) your Facebook page should be integrated with your blog post. So that if a reader likes your content then he can follow you for more of such information.
b) The posts should never be on a single boring topic. Always create a variety that appeals to your fans.
c) offer your fans with strategic partnerships that benefits them as well.

3 Being Human

Give your Company, brand or Facebook page a face. While working on social media, what many a page owners just fail to do is to be social or be like humans on their page. Putting a face to your page not only relates the company to the face but also allows the fans to connect to someone on the page. In addition to putting a face, you need to respond in following ways to remain connected to the fans:

a) Give response to all the comments using first name of the person to make them feel important.
b) The way you respond will build or ruin your brand’s image in the mind of your fans. So show empathy and treat your fans with due respect and kindness.

4 Intelligent use of Hashtags.

Always use intelligent and relevant hashtags that are searched by people. An insensible usage of hashtags should be seriously avoided. It is not necessary to use a hashtag in every post and even over staffing your posts with unrelated tags, just to show up in the search results, renders equally adverse effect.

5 Better post Images

Though content has been more informative but from trends, it is analyzed that images have far great possibility of getting likes and comments as they are more consumable to the human brain. According to research reports it has been found that photos have lowest reach, but their engagement was higher than any other type of posts. Hence your posting strategy should include images as an integral part of the plan.

6 Like to Win

Everyone likes to win. So is the case with your Facebook fans. Running contests on Facebook pages without using 3rd party app has spread joy amongst the page owners. So it is like a win-win situation. It is easiest to conduct a contest on your page which drives huge fan growth for your page.

7 Have Fun

Connecting to family and friends and making new friends and having fun was the core of Facebook a few years back. But with the time, we have lost much of it and now Facebook has become more about business and marketing. But still this doesn’t mean that with change in scenario, the social network should become boring. Sometimes, get aside from the business mode and try chilling out or having fun with your fans. A light hearted or a pleasant gesture will surely make a mark on your fans and will let them remember you for fun than for any other information.

So here were some of the important and useful tips that can help you get more likes and success to your Facebook page. We hope that you like them all. So keep reading and stay connected for more of such content.

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