7 benefits of having a unified b2c and b2b E-commerce sites


Benefits of unified B2C & B2B eCommerce sites

The majority of companies have now started to sell their products to both consumers and businesses with a motive to generate more sales and give a boost to their market share. Instead of only relying on businesses, they can enjoy the benefits of earning margins by selling directly to the consumers with the help of e-commerce development solutions. In this post, we will talk about 7 major benefits of having a unified B2C and B2B e-commerce site:

1. Single Catalog
Having a unified site will allow you control all your products in a single catalogue. It will eliminate the complications that result from managing several catalogues at a time. A custom e-commerce website can make the things easier for you.

2. Make marketing easier
If you have a single site and brand, then the customers won’t have any difficulty recognising you. You have to promote only a single brand that eliminates all the confusions from their mind. We have often seen people get confused with the brand names and end up buying the wrong product. Furthermore, your marketing and promotional work will also become easier.

3. Demand less technical headache
If you have hired a reputed organisation for e-commerce development solutions, then the things will become easier for you. There would only be a single theme and code base that you need to operate that is less complicated than managing two sites. It demands much less time than maintaining and changing two different sites.

4. Lower operational costs
Having a single website will result in reducing the operational costs to a significant level as one will need less physical infrastructure and staffing. Furthermore, it will give maximum return on investment by selling products to both consumers as well as businesses.

5. Easier operations
There is a lot of technical expertise needed to build a site that can control both B2B and B2C operations. A company developing a highly skilled custom e-commerce website can do this work easily. Once that completed, the things become very easier as you have to integrate systems like CRM, ERP, & related systems in a single place. You don’t need separate integration for multiple sites in this case.

6. Business customers appreciation
Nowadays, the businesses prefer to buy a product quickly at an affordable price. Time has become one of the crucial things for them & that’s why they don’t want to waste their precious time on buying things. So, giving them an experience of custom e-commerce website will receive huge appreciation.

7. Enhanced Customer Experience
Making a unified strategy will allow you offer a true Omni channel experience to the buyers, whether they are consumers or businesses. Finding products and delivering products become easier that allow you provide better customer experience.


You can simplify operations by having a unified B2B and B2C site and move forward in the e-commerce field at a faster rate. You shouldn’t wait for more and contact a reputed digital agency for smart e-commerce development solutions now.

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