6 Surefire ways to Optimize your Magento 2 Store


Ecommerce is taking the world by storm. And no one is indifferent to this concept any more. Expanding your business presence from local to global level, realizing new customer requirements and meeting their expectations is the core behind. In today’s world of high competition, even a delay of few seconds will lead your potential customer to move to your competitors’ store. And factors like Search Engine Rankings and your store performance affects the rate of success of your business.

To delight your customers with an elegant store built with rich functionality on Magento 2 is a smart initiative. Being the sturdiest and the most widely used platform Magento 2 has many advantages. But just launching new eCommerce website on this platform is not enough for your small business. Get the solutions, on how to optimize Magento 2 store in terms of the speed and performance challenges that your store might be facing, in this post:

1. Optimize the Content on your Site

We all are well aware of the fact that “Content is King”. So adding relevant and value adding content regularly to your website is a very effective way to drive traffic. Being active on content front will not only help you improve your search engine ranking organically but will also drive sales and increase your ROI simultaneously. Updating content is a responsible yet an easy task to do by yourself. But if you already have published content on your website, then it’s time for you to dive in the pool of your content and keep the fresh ones for better results. A few ways in which this can be done are:

Remove Irrelevant or outdated content. – Old content like blogs which are irrelevant to your website or do not hold any good anymore in present scenario should be removed with immediate effect. Or you can move the same to another site so that it does not affect your eCommerce site’s search rankings.

Update Fresh Long-form Content. – Updating content on topics which are trending and relevant to your business as well, is a good way to rank. Long-form content is quite favoured by Google, so if you have many short posts then put them together to make one long-form post and enjoy higher ranks.

Keep your Links updated. – In case you change the name of any of your pages whether they are services page or portfolio page, then you need to update all the respective links attached to them. If they are not updated as mentioned, then your visitors will end up landing on a 404 error page on being redirected. Broken links are not liked by users and so does Google not like the sites which have broken links.

Provide Share Buttons. – Success of a piece of content lies in its likeability and share ability. So, if you are writing relevant, fresh and unique content then allow your visitors to make it a success by providing social share buttons.

How to optimize content on Magento 2 store

2. Use tools to maximise Average Order Value
To maximise your order size and value, Magento offers you to cross-sell and even upsell your merchandise. Cross-selling and upselling gives your customers a wider scope to match and choose the best options from the related items. With the visual merchandising tools, you can do a lot more by displaying best products on the top, sort and create categories based on Automated rules. It aides in creating categories using product attributes which further helps you in creating the catalog based on defined needs and preferences.

Magento has an in-built feature of Elasticsearch which can extend amazing advantage in maximizing your average order value, but to utilise the same you need to have a plan. Another search platform like Klevu have features like self-learning, attribute boosting, automated enrichment of catalogs to help in merchandising, navigation and SEO support.

How to maximize average order value of your store

3. Turn the “Caching On”
Performance of Magento 2 website can be significantly improved just by enabling your cache on. Redis and Varnish have been integrated in Magento 2 so that you can easily leverage the power of caching to improve your store’s performance and drive more traffic. Being a live site, the fastest version suggested for use is the production mode. While using this mode it is highly recommended to use Varnish Cache for best performance.

How to Turn on Caching for Magento 2

4. Steps to enable cache on your store:-

  • Navigate to System → Cache Management
  • Select all from the drop down menu
  • Click Enable as shown in the image

5. Either disable or remove Unused Modules
Just like we need to clear the things which are not in use anymore, same ways, we need to disable or remove the modules which are no more in use. As clearing our homes of not-so-useful objects gives us more space and good feel, your Magento 2 store will feel better and perform faster. It is recommended to install only those extensions without which your store’s functionality gets hurt. Added to better performance is the advantage of having a less distracted and a simple Admin panel which is least messed by these useless extensions.

How to disable modules in Magento 2

6. Implement Content Delivery Network
Content Delivery Network or CDN is a system which has distributed servers that help in delivering web content from various locations. It helps in serving files a lot faster than it can be done with your personal server. Integrating a CDN on your Magento 2 store can help a lot in decreasing the page load time and delivering exceptional user experience.

Implement CDN on Magento 2

If you have a global audience, then its best to get CDN implemented on your Magento 2 store. This is so acclaimed because CDN stores copies of images, CSS style sheets and JavaScript files in different data centres and spread it out across the globe. By doing so it reduces the page loading time and provides greater availability to the users.


Magento 2 comes as a power-packed platform with in-built features to explore the maximum. All you need to do is to know and optimize this mammoth to perform well to give you increased ROI.

If you are looking for a company for optimising your existing store or Magento 2 Store development from scratch, contact us.

Till then Stay Optimized!!

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