6 Questions to Consider Before Developing a Mobile App


Want to be mobile-friendly? You must be thinking of getting an app developed. It is actually a good idea, as an engaging app not only takes your business to next level but also helps you earn new customers. But just before you put your decision of getting an app developed to implementation, make sure that you have considered the following questions and get appropriate answers to them.

Question 1. What is the purpose of developing an app?

Knowing the very purpose of why are you going to do a particular thing can help you go a long way. Whether you want to be tech-forward, or you want to take an initiative being a start-up or you want to beat your competition, should direct you relevantly. Even well-established organizations in the present day have a purpose of getting connected with their customers and prospective clients and clearly, outline their business goals in extending such connections.
So be crystal clear on why you want to develop an app.

Question 2. Who is your target audience?

For whom are you going to develop an app? Knowing your target audience will make you very clear about their requirements, their expectations and above all that problems are they facing. By knowing your audience well, you can actually work on developing an app and add functionalities that help them. Studying and understanding your audience and their demographics more and deeper shall always help you make an app that they love using.
To develop a good app, know and understand your audiences.

Question 3. What value shall my app create for the user?

The value may be in terms of serving some problems faced by the users. The value may to by educating the user or adding to their knowledge banks. If they are not getting any of their problems served then they might uninstall it later and never use it again. To avoid this scenario for your app, try to add compelling benefits in your app which make then come to you again and again.

Offer a solution or add value to your app, they shall keep you around all the time.

Question 4. What are my competitors’ up to?

Knowing your competition is as important as knowing your audience. Next thing to do for your app is to study the marketing strategies of your competitors, their presence in the market and even how uniquely and differently they are serving the users. By this, you will not only come to know what they have done right but also what they are doing wrong. A detailed analysis shall help you make your strategy on what functionality should be included in your app which your users have not been served with and avoid doing anything wrong.

Question 5. What platform to use?

Choosing the platform is a big decision in itself. Talking about numbers iOS and Android are the ones that are leading the market. Choosing one of the two shall depend on your target audience. What platform and smartphones do your target audience has? Another thing while choosing is to consider the requirements of publishing an app on that particular platform. But if you have enough budget then you can even publish a cross-platform app which shall be available for on all platforms.
Pick and choose your platform with regard to your target audience.

Question 6. Should my app be paid or free?

It is one of the important questions of publishing your app. Should your app be a paid one or free of cost? Publishing your app for free shall get you more and more downloads. And if your app is engaging and value-adding then you can easily make revenues out of this by offering in-app purchases. But if you are pricing your app high, then customers might shirk away from downloading the same app resulting in low revenues. It has been seen that in-app purchases apps which were launched on free to download basis earn larger revenues than those which have high upfront costs to download.
If your app is delivering a number of options which attract your users then launch it free of cost. But if you are confident about your customers and have an already established user base then even paid apps can earn you good money.


Asking yourself all the above-mentioned questions shall definitely help you in developing an app which brings in new customers to your business and establishes your existence in this world of mobile and technology.
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