5 Reasons to Include Google Adwords in your IM Strategy


SEO is slow
Adword is quick as compared to SEO. Let’s understand this with an example: You recently opened a shop and customers start visiting you after 6 months This is what happens when you only do SEO. It takes 6-9 months or more, to rank your keywords on top. Even if you go for some low competition keywords you still require at least 3 months to bring traffic to your website. Then again you will have few keywords to know ROI.

It’s the quick alternative to check the ROI
Adword helps you understand the best converting keywords as you can A/B test the keywords you have chosen to run campaigns. But let’s say you decided to go for SEO as it is cheaper than investing on Google adwords. The first thing you will do is Keyword research. So you come up with 5 or 6 top keywords which you feel will generate most of the leads or sales. But how about if they turn out non-performing and after 6 months you come to know that some other keywords or phrases are generating most of the sales for your competitors. You will then again take another 6 months to optimize those keywords and by the time the keywords reach a handsome rank the scenario could have changed. So it’s always good to test those keywords through google adwords and find out the best options for SEO as well.

To test the best selling products/services
Suppose you have large number of products/services available on your website, but in most cases there are few which generate higher revenues. Remember the 80/20 rule(80% of sales come from 20% of the products). Google gives you the best platform in this world to test those high potential products and find out which products can generate the maximum revenues for you.

Google algorithm changes
SEO is cheap but your rankings and sales are totally as result of Google Algorithms. You may be following the best practices but one fine day you wake up and see all your website organic traffic lost. To avoid this situation you must have a backup for your website so that your sales and traffic doesn’t drop instantly. So, start with Google Adwords today.

It’s the cheapest mode available
Before Google adwords came into existence the preferable mode of advertisement was Newspaper, TV, Billboards etc. Though they still play an important role but Google adwords lets you advertise your business at the budget you set as per your convenience. Most of the
time you are only paying when someone clicks on your ad whether it’s a text or a banner.So don’t you feel it’s one of the best innovation ever made in the history of Internet and advertising.

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