12 UX Design Trends for 2018


Want to give your user a stunning experience? You are in the right place to know how you can improve your UX and deliver an exceptional and engaging experience. We all know that 2017 has witnessed the rising dominance of mobile in the virtual world, so shall 2018 be a year evidencing even remarkable changes. Here we are, bringing you a list of emerging as well as impactful trends that will surely help you get prepared for the upcoming future.

Simple is the Best

Researchers and analysts have concluded that the additional step that user has to perform to reach his desired result, more is the probability of his bouncing back. In simple words, all you need to do is to make the user journey as easy and simple as possible.

If you feel that your app has too much to offer your user, then do not load him with all the information altogether. The better way to do it is by progressively communicating him the next step. This will not only smoothen his journey but also keep him engaged and interested to reach the results.

Gesture Based Interactions

iPhone X has been quite a challenge for all the designers. With a sudden elimination of home button from the phone, leading to critical problems related with learnability and discoverability. Now the core has been shifted to gesture-based interactions with focus on micro-interactions and motion design.

Gestures will be intending to tell what all interactions are available in the app. Even animation which has been significant till now, will get to enjoy the power in 2018 too as people love them and like to respond.

Clean Content

Content remains King for all times. But with change in trends, only that content will be read which is well written and is easily accessible. Removing the content which is irrelevant for the reader and prioritising only that which improves reader’s comprehension will be the trend.

Content with clear hierarchy and that which establishes an order in presenting essential information to the reader shall be important. Reducing all the visual clutter to a core message will be the focus of all the UX designers.

Vibrant and bright is right

Colors have been playing a vital role in our lives. Not only for the users but for the designers as well colors have most amazing capabilities. Colors can attract or draw attention, infuse a particular emotion, influence user to take an action and much more. Hence realising the power of colors, UX designers will have their color paletes all set to develop apps with vibrant colors.

Not only will the bright colors be used for aesthetics, but they will also be essential elements of delivering exceptional visual and functional experience. Just like some apps use contrasting colors for marking different types of notifications.

Emotional and intelligent integrates

With an amazing feature introduced by iphone X in the name of Animoji- Animated emoji is loved by the users. This is an excellent example of emotional intelligence which is integrated in mobile experience. Humans are all emotions and it’s natural for people to express them. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is taking the world by storm and also making user experiences more engaging and exceptionally delightful.

Emotions and expressions are present in the basic nature of people. No matter what advancement is witnessed in technology, but still people use emoticons to express themselves. Hence there lies an extensive opportunity clubbed with innovation to help people express how they feel.

Video still rules

In the world of content marketing, year 2017 has been a blockbuster year for videos. As per researchers, watching a video online has become a part of routine for people. Evident from the trend there has been a continuous surge in the popularity and same shall remain in year 2018 as well.

Innovations like 360-degree videos and Facebook Live have been such a success as they catered to the rising fame of the videos and at the same time delivered content in an engaging manner. This format of using videos for imparting important and timely information to the users will be used by more and more users and businesses.

As we have six more trends yet to share with you, do catch us in the second part of this blog. For any queries please feel free to contact us. At Techies India Inc. we feel delighted to help you.

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