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Meet Magento 2020 India- Digest and Takeaways

Posted: February 19, 2020

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Meet Magento 2020 India- Digest and Takeaways

Meet Magento India 2020 was organised by Wagento for the third consecutive year. This time in Mumbai. With a huge list of multiple categories of sponsors, an impressive lineup of speakers and bright developers, the event was a huge hit. Techies India Inc. was among one of the contributing sponsors at the event.

A promising initiative, promoting the role of women in technology by Karen Baker, CEO of ShipperHQ was well supported by Arvind Krishnan, founder of Swymit. A contest (draw based) was declared sponsoring the travel and stay of 4 women in tech.

I was honored to be one of the winners of the contest representing Techies India Inc. Attending my first of many Magento events, that too in Mumbai was quite exciting.

I was accompanied for the event by the co-founder of Techies India Inc., Ami Verma, who happens to be my elder brother.

Even the thoughts of meeting and greeting some of the greatest minds was exhilarating. The opportunity to learn and explore more about Magento added thrill to my journey.

Notes from the escapade MM20IN

Wagento had invited the community to the beautiful property of The Leela on 1st of Feb 2020.

The first session was a welcome note by the hosts Brent W Peterson and Vijay Golani.

Soon after that, an innovative session by Sathish Vaidyanathan from PayPal India commenced. He talked about customer experience, emphasised on the experience economy where business meets the customer. No feature is as important as checkout conversion. Suggested to deep dive into the funnel, reduce form fields, parallelize server calls, solve for latency and avoid any distractions. 

Cheliyan Pancras, SEA’ s network manager from Adobe, delivered an excellent keynote session on the integration of Magento and Adobe, efficiency with MSI and Page Builder. Cheliyan tipped to provide more options to the merchants, think about sustainability and to leverage automation for an improved experience.

Breakfast break offers the scope to connect with the fellow attendees. Ami was already familiar with the leading faces of the Magento core team and the speakers. So he took off to meet them in person.

During the breakfast break I gotta visit the Wagento stall in the marketplace. Had a little chat with Susan Peterson, President and CEO at Wagento Creative LLC. She was such an inspiration and even suggested to me the trainings to pursue my interests in Magento.

A little later, Ami introduced me to Marsha Naidoo, COO at MageMojo LLC. Another eminent personality influencing Magento Community with her exceptional professional achievements. She was so encouraging that she asked me to speak on the Magento platform. It feels like everyone among the leaders are determined to help and take the community to the next level.

The whole event was quite well organised. The transition of converting one big hall into two, technical layout and support too were all in accord.

Soon after breakfast, all the attendees had the discretion of attending tracks as per their choice. 3 Tracks both for audience with technical and business inclination were being presented simultaneously.

As Ami had a few meetings scheduled over the event so I joined the fellow attendees.

Being a beginner, I attended Krish Guda’s business track on optimizing images with CDN. He talked about User-Oriented Metrics, shared statistics from Lighthouse Image Analysis and Google’s recommendations for Performant Responsive Images. Demonstrating the impact of image optimization by strategy, he tipped the audience on how to implement the same like a pro.

Next session was from a very young and inspiring speaker named Alfred Genkins from ScandiPWA. He is just 18 and started coding from the age of 11. So what was great about Alfred was his passion to accept challenges and his excitement to share the achievement.

After all launching a PWA store with 60K SKUs, across 35 websites in two languages was worth unanimous applause. Adding to the challenge was a real-time stock update on client’s 87 stores expecting 15000 concurrent users. It was appreciative to have helped their clients mark a $1 billion mark in revenues. It was massive and extraordinary. 

The next session attended was that of Stefan Willkomer from Techdivision, Germany. He talked about common misconceptions, challenges of working across culture and shared lessons for fruitful interactions.

It was time for lunch. The food was delicious. During lunch I had a chance to talk to Summer, a representative from Mageplaza and a few more friends made during the event. Though the hall where lunch was served seemed a little suffocating. As the attendance was larger, there felt a need for bigger space.

Soon after lunch, Vikrant Shukla was to speak on the art of requirement gathering. A very significant point which caught me in his presentation was that we usually keep insisting on “what does the client want?” But what we should actually focus on is “why” does the client need it in the first place?


He insisted on identifying the motivation behind the project and parameters which determined the success of the project. 

The stage was taken up by Vinai Kopp who presented on testing frameworks. Being a beginner and a non-coder, I could hardly grasp much on what he had to say.

The next speaker was Saurabh Rajpal from Google. He had a detailed session on the future and the opportunities which AMP for emails could bring to the eCommerce stores. 

For the concluding session, Ben Marks was the showstopper. Mere the thought of sharing the same roof with the great Magento Evangelist was unbelievably awesome for some. Delivering motivation and inspiring all to keep creating great work with Magento was the core of his attendance.

As the sessions were over, Ami got me in talks with Deryck Harlick, Director of Learning and Training at Wagento. Another great interaction was with Stefan Willkomer, a good friend of Ami.

Adding to the list of famous personalities already friends with Ami was Ben Marks himself. Had a chance to meet and talk with Ben Marks in person. Great leaders have always been amazing at extending guidance and support. Same is true for him. 

Here are some of the other memorable moments from Ami’s Meet Magento 2020 India diaries. An unforgettable collection.

With such an amazing experience to meet and learn from the masters, my determination to certify as Magento 2 Solution Specialist has become more tenacious. I am already super excited for the next Meet Magento India next year. With a hope that Techies India Inc. would give back a bigger chunk to the Magento Community next time, bidding goodbye to MM20IN.