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Dubai spoilt our team! They never intended to come back

Posted: February 28, 2020

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Traveling is the best way to unwind and reconnect with oneself. At Techies India Inc., we not only work against the clock to deliver the best but also love to explore and rejuvenate.

Gourav, our senior front end developer, and Rajan, Co-lead analyst, Magento, were looking forward to a trip for a long time. After extensive research on destinations, they decided to go to Dubai. The country was the perfect choice for an escapade. Their five days holiday was filled with fun and adventure. Making the best use of their stay, they visited all the famous places and relished the multinational cuisines.

Their experience in their own words:

“As we reached the airport, our hearts started racing as it was our first international trip. From checking in to boarding, time seemed to move at a snail’s pace. But as soon as we took our seats, the excitement level rose to its peak. Being thoroughly taken care of by the airline staff made the journey quite comfortable. After the three and a half hours flight, we touched Dubai. The grandeur of the airport took our breath away! We spent some time at the ‘larger than life’ Duty-Free shops and then went to our hotel in a cab. After checking in, we spent the rest of the day relaxing in the pool and catching up on our sleep.

The following day we visited the Dubai Mall, which was a feast for the eyes. Such a gigantic structure with all the international brands would tempt any soul! The aquarium in the heart of the mall is a man-made wonder and was the epicenter for every visitor. Roaming about the dazzling shops for a few hours was enough to drive us crazy. We also ventured in VR park which was well-stocked with 3D games which brought out ‘the kid’ inside us. The fun seemed to never end there. Our next stop was Burj Khalifa. As we stood on the topmost floor of the towering building, we had a bird’s eye view of the entire city. What a breath-taking sight it was! Later in the evening, we saw the Dubai Fountain show. It was a majestic combination of light and sound. We wound up the day after a toothsome dinner.

Our third day began early. We headed for Desert Safari and enjoyed the sand and the activities around it. Driving a quadra bike on the dunes was a thrilling experience. We were served a delicious meal while enjoying some traditional dance. The hospitality was par excellence.

The next morning began with a city trip. We went around the local markets where we witnessed their rich culture and interacted with many locals. We also got to visit Jumeirah beach and enjoyed various activities there. 

The last leg of the trip was the most exciting part. On the fifth day, we went to the Ferrari World, which was packed with adventure. It is an indoor amusement park with state of the art rides which give you the ‘much required’ adrenaline rush. Holding the map in our hands, we started queueing up for the rides, but after a couple of thrilling roller coasters, we couldn’t gather the courage to test ourselves further. The real challenge was the ‘Formula Rossa’, the world’s fastest ride with a top speed of 240 km/hr. We couldn’t go home without taking this one. Saying our prayers, we sat for this daring ride. And in a matter of seconds, we were back! It went like a bullet, and we were left stunned. Finally, our bucket list was all ticked. Then we headed for our most awaited visit to Sheikh Zayad Mosque.

Before our late night flight, we had ample time, which was reserved for meeting our friends and relatives who lived in Dubai. The reunion was both nostalgic and exciting. Time seemed to fly while we sat together recollecting our good old times together. As the time to bid adieu to the beautiful city came close, our hearts sank. On reaching the airport, we gave one final look to the city of dreams, trying to take whatever we could to preserve in our fondest memories. The flight back home seemed too long, but the thought of meeting family brought a smile on our face. This trip has made us realize how important it is to travel to find a ‘new you’. 

Resuming work and getting back to routine seemed much easier as we were filled with zeal and fervor. All thanks to our organisation Techies India Inc for letting us explore our favorite destination and rejuvenate. Now that we have tasted it, another trip is already on the cards.”

Passion, dedication, knowledge and expertise is all what is expected out of your task force. But offering a co-operative environment, extending support, and allowing your people to do what they are zealous about is what makes a good corporate culture.

We believe in sharing and spreading happiness with our friends, partners, clients and Techies family. In this pursuit of happiness, we let our hardworking teammates take their well-deserved breaks and come back with fresh vibes of energy.