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With an acronym similar to our belief, YII stands for "Yes It Is" and ours is "Yes We can". Our YII1 and YII2 experts bring most creative, high performing and result oriented web development solutions to your business.

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Why to Choose YII?

YII means "simple and evolutionary" in Chinese, and true to its meaning, it empowers quick development of huge and growing scale web applications. Being light-weight itself, Yii offers amazing features and advanced storing support that leverage high activity applications.

Virtues of Yii



With an extreme re-usability of web programming, light-weighed reserving instruments and optimized coding, Yii is amongst the front runners in the race for developing quick and speedy applications. Adding to the client's delight, Yii empowers faster loading of powerful applications due to its efficient caching support.



Yii considers security as one of the crucial aspects of web application, and hence, has an array of great features that ease your mind of unethical practices. It is equipped with many security components that help your web application to remain safe and also assists in creating a more secure web application. A few of these include Cross-site Scripting Prevention (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and Cookie Attack Prevention.


Skinning and Theming

Yii implements a systematic way of customizing the overall appearance of web application and can instantly change its outlook by applying a Theme. Yii allows the developers to create a theme, theme a widget and even customize the widgets globally making it better managed. Skinning in Yii is a mechanism to quickly change the outlook of the views. With Yii Theming and skinning you can quickly switch the outlook of your Yii-powered website.


Yii adopts MVC Design

YII adopts MVC design pattern, aiming easy alterations in business logic (Model) or user interface (View) without affecting each other. It also introduces a front-controller, named Application which is created to obtain detailed user request information. Application evolves the execution context for processing of a request and dispatched it to relevant controller. All this results in a clean separation of concerns making the application development easier and organized.


Layered Caching

Yii has a layered caching scheme which helps squeeze more speed and quick loading of your website or web application. Yii supports data caching, page caching, fragment caching and dynamic content. Being a very effective and economical method of improving the performance, caching proves to be an efficient storage medium for relatively static data and serving the same from cache whenever required.

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Our team of Yii experts, equipped with knowledge and experience, is always curious to handle stimulating and ambitious projects. Dedication and innovation drives us to deliver results to your delight.

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