WWDC 2020 Keynotes for Developers


World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2020 like every year brought about plenty of software updates and huge announcements along. Although the keynote this year did not unveil any new device yet giant moves and exciting software updates were shared.

One of moves made by Apple this year was to integrate their in-house chip into the  Mac family replacing the one made by Intel. From now on Mac lineup will be getting the proprietary silicon just like iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Haven’t you got a chance to attend it all? Here we are with all the upcoming updates related to iOS, tvOS, macOS, watchOS and even AirPods for you. 

iOS 14

1. App Clips

It is a new app store feature that lets you rapidly install a little mini version of an app or an “applet” that you might require urgently (much like android’s instant apps). By using a camera for visual prompts or NFC, it quickly figures the application and can give access to apple pay and sign in with apple like features. It’s like a byte-sized app that can be built in xcode 12 and after you’ve demonstrated the value of your app, you can provide the opportunity to download the full app from the app store.

2. Widgets

Widgets have been a part of iOS for a couple of years now, but they have continuously been covered up in “Today” View. With iOS 14 they would now open effortlessly through the home screen. You can include widgets even when you are in edit mode. For most widgets you’ll select from 3 sizes small, medium and large. The user can select the size when adding a widget to their home screen. They can moreover include different duplicates of it with distinctive sizes or settings. All widgets are made with swiftUI, so in case you don’t have any coding knowledge you’ll be able to visually make and alter a widget in xcode. Developers sometimes remake their widgets if they want them to work on the home screen. Now that same code can be reused on the next version of macOS too.

3. Photo Library Access

Another critical privacy update is the photo library. Your photos are your private data and with this update you will be able to save it from being hacked. You can now allow an app  access to only selected photographs in your library. For instance, you can use Instagram as before, but it will now have access only to the photos you have chosen to share. If you need to include or remove photos you can do so in the settings. As a developer you do not have to include anything new to your app, everything will work as earlier, but you’ll only see the photographs that the user has chosen.

4. Digital Carkey

Apple has introduced a new method to unlock and start your car  called ‘Digital Car Key’. You’ll enroll a key in your apple wallet, and once you walk up to a supported car, you can open it through NFC. To start the engine, placing your phone on a pad will do the trick. The keys are stored on-device, and it can be erased from the cloud in case you like to. What’s cool around this highlight is that it simply can make unique driving profiles for other iphone users, giving user-specific authorizations for your kid. Or no limitations at all for somebody like a life partner or other trusted person. Carkey will initially work with selected newer models of BMW 5 Series, but Apple has plans to expand it to other carmakers in the future.

5. App Library View

There’s a “jiggle mode” that permits you to hide out different pages from your domestic screen and move them into the app library view. The mode shows up once you tap the dots at the foot of one of your home screen pages within the edit view. Generally, the app library view sounds similar to having an app drawer on an android gadget.

6. Back History

You’ll now hold down on any back button and a context menu will show up with all past views. You can slide your finger down or select one to rapidly go back to a previous view.

7. AirPods Seamless switch

Apple is upgrading the software running on AirPods to connect automatically to any paired device that plays audio. You’ll not have to manually select which source you need to connect to. For instance- as you wrap up a podcast on your iPhone, in case you pick up your iPad Pro and hop into a movie your AirPods will automatically bounce over. In between you begin a Zoom call on your Mac and again your earphones make the move for you. Finally, in case a call comes on your iPhone, it will go back to your phone again.

8. Spatial Audio

Spatial audio ought to offer an immersive experience making you feel like you are inside of the audio mix. Apple is using the accelerometer in the AirPods Pro to offer spatial audio that tracks your head and your device’s location. Not only does sound come from in front, behind, next to, and above, but it stays properly oriented based on your movements.This is all opened as a new API that developers can take advantage of. So the motion of your head and its relation to the device can be used for games or other apps.

9. Siri’s Makeover

Siri looks a little different when you activate it. The modern, more compact Siri interface won’t cover your whole iPhone screen at whatever point you call it up. While earlier Siri would conceal the whole of your phone screen but now it would be nothing more than a pop-up with minimized presence that too at the bottom of your screen. On asking for weather, the information will be shown as a banner on the top of the screen.Now, users will also be able to ask Siri to send quick voice messages and to help with dictation and translation.

macOS 11

10. macOS Big Sur

Apple launched macOS Big Sur in its WWDC 2020 keynote. Big Sur could be a recognizable, however distinctive macOS. With this version of macOS, Apple at last leaves OS X behind. Apple is presently at long last moving towards macOS 11.0. In macOS Big Sur, you’ll be able to make more capable forms of your apps and take advantage of each pixel on the screen by running them at native mac resolution. Apps built with mac catalyst can now be completely controlled utilizing the console, access more iOS frameworks, automatically adopt the new design, and take advantage of the all-new look of macOS Big Sur. It includes many new features like, redesigned dock, designed overhaul apps and screens, privacy reports, new control center, upgraded safari etc.

11. ARM Powered Processor

Apple is officially moving away from intel in favor of its arm-based chip, which has displayed amazing power and productivity in new gadgets such as ipad pro. Apple processors introduce a brand new era for macs after 15 years of using intel. It’s a big move that means macOS will support native iOS apps and macOS apps side by side on these new machines in the future. Apple will release the first mac with apple silicon at the end of this year, and it expects the transition to take two years. Apple is effectively working on three features to achieve the goal universal 2, rosetta 2, and virtualization.

12. Web Extension Api

Apple is also bringing its own web extension api and a new category in the mac App store to showcase new extensions.  The web extension api is a cross-platform technology present in chrome, firefox, edge and other browsers to offer cross-platform extensions.This implies that mac users will be able to install the same extension accessible to their web browsers in safari. Moreover, Apple has also said that developers can use the xcode 12 to port webextensions to native safari extensions in order to offer them on the app store.

watchOS 7

13. Handwash Tracking

A hand-wash tracking component stands out given the worldwide pandemic which we’re confronting. The watchOS uses on-device machine learning for motion tracking and sound detection in order to guarantee users are washing hands for a duration of 20 seconds.

14. Sleep

Sleep tracking has been one of the foremost requested features lately, and apple delivers on it in a rather wonderful design. It gives more emphasis to sleep time by dimming the display and giving an option to listen to sleep stories. In addition, the health app on iOS 14 has been boosted with sleep-pattern metrics.

15. Customised Faces

16. Dance Workout

If you like dancing to exercise, the new dance workout may inspire you. Watch’s accelerometer, gyroscope and heart rate sensor to accurately monitor your exercise as you throw some shapes. It was tested with four kinds of dance: bollywood, cardio dance, hip-hop and latin. Though, really, just dance like nobody’s watching and you’ll be fine. Other new workouts are core training, functional strength training and cooldown.


17. iPhone Remote

Turn your iphone into an Apple tv remote. Once you connect Apple tv to your iphone or ipad, the Apple TV remote is automatically installed in the control center on your device.

18. Picture In Picture

Apple TV is adding picture in picture mode, which lets you watch a movie while you keep an eye on the game, or check the weather while you binge a tv series — all at the same time.

19. 4k Youtube Video

One of the most common complaints about tvos is its need to support the 4k option in the youtube app. But with tvOS 14 that will change. Watch the latest youtube videos in their full 4k glory. Your favorite music, slo‑mo, outdoor, and vlog footage never looked better.

20. Home App

Apple has added the home app to apple TV in an implementation called “home view” that’s found in the control center. Your Apple Tv experience would be taking you to the next level with all the camera feeds and native homekit integration.For instance, you’ll get a picture-in-picture alert for people arriving at your house that are recognized by your homekit cameras.

Closing Notes

Just like us, we know that you too would be quite excited about all these improvements, updates and upgrades brought on table during WWDC. In case we missed out on something, please read more on WWDC 2020 here.

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