Why you should attend Meet Magento India 2020

Attend Meet Magento India 2020

Meet Magento India 2020 is going to be held on 1st Feb, in Mumbai. Privileged to be the biggest Magento event in India, Meet Magento brings the legions of developers, solution providers, ecommerce enthusiasts, experts and merchants under one roof. With a very impressive lineup of knowledgeable speakers, and interactive sessions,  this annual event is imperative for those who want to be at the forefront of technological advancements.

Organised by Wagento, the event expects more than 600 attendees from all over the world, international speakers, technology partners and Magento representatives sharing knowledge and upcoming opportunities.

Reasons to attend Meet Magento India 2020

1. A world of learning opportunities.

Meet Magento India offers the participants an imposing opportunity to learn and grow. The conference features speakers and industry experts who have decades of experience and expertise in their respective niche. With a wide spectrum of sessions on topics like Magento PWAs, Magento MSI, Testing Framework, Cloud application management, Magento upgrade, Magento TDD, Payment industry and B2B Trends and much more. These knowledge-packed sessions are not only going to keep you abreast with the latest developments but the best practices would also help you improve the performance of your business. You can anticipate a huge event in the context of learning.

2. Accessibility to National and International Maestros.

Meet Magento India, being an annual event, interests the top innovators, experts and even the masters of the eCommerce industry. The networking breaks and lunch break serves to be a great time for you to meet and greet the industry professionals and business visionaries. It is a significant opportunity to reach out to them in person, share your quest, connect with them and grow your network.

3. Learn the latest Magento Developments

MM India gives you an immersive experience to stay updated with the recent trends in Magento and eCommerce industry, advanced Magento developments and latest eCommerce solutions. Make yourself available to the exclusive and deep insights of tools, technologies, and innovations for Magento. You might find it thrilling to get insights on creating high impact on personalized customer experience. How to create such an effect and visual engagement across your webshop? This is one of the many reasons why you should attend Meet Magento India 2020.

Learning the Bigger, Faster and Better aspect of Magento more effectively and efficiently, is what this conference lets you do.

4. Discover the power of Massive Magento Community.

For Magento developers or those pursuing a career in Magento development, Meet Magento India is a fundamental conference to attend. Not only does it open the window of opportunity to meet with the expert developers from across the world but also lets you learn and update yourself on the latest coding standards. What else? You are subjected to experience and grasp Magento’s cutting edge technologies with Magento representatives.

5. A platform to share your solutions.

Meet Magento is an event, a conference, and a platform at the same time. As an event, it lets you learn, as a conference it allows you to network and grow. But as a platform it lets you introduce and share eCommerce solutions developed by you with the top retailers and leading brands. Meet Magento India is your opportunity to grow and go global. If you are not among the speakers, even then you can leverage the networking sessions to explain your work.

Meet us at Meet Magento India 2020

We are Techies India Inc., a small team, simplifying Big Magento things. With clean coding, dedicated team of experts and experienced solution providers, we have been helping our clients grow and scale exponentially. Tailored communication, transparency in business operations and having the back for our clients have been the reasons behind our clients’ and our success.

Reciprocating the love we have received from friends, partners, and peer agencies, we firmly believe in giving back to the community. We have been extending our support and contribute in every possible manner in the Magento ecosystem. We have been passionate about attending Magento events across the world due to the value it adds to our business.  We are attending Meet Magento India in the capacity of sponsors. If you too are planning to attend the event, make sure to meet us and talk Magento.

See you on 1st Feb, 2020 at Meet Magento India.

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