What’s New in iOS 13? Features & Release Notes


iOS 13 is here. Apple has brought an altogether different kind of an update to last year’s iOS 12. It worked around performance improvement and rethinking the amount we use our phones.

iOS 13 is huge and flashy. It is hoping to wow its users with a slick dark mode; striking updates to applications like Apple Maps, Photos, and even Reminders; and long due additions like a swiping keyboard and UI enhancements.This vision is clearly seen in the fact that iOS 13 is focused on improving Apple’s own apps and services to the point where they are at an edge with other third-party apps.

Below are the some important features of this release :-

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is presumably the greatest feature as far as user facing content. It is a visual reskin of each and every application on the platform, and it has a lot of hype.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

It looks amazing on the OLED screens, while even saving a bit of the battery. Black colors look like true, deep blacks and your eyes will thank you during the night time.
There are basically two options to use it: a switching toggle between the two modes and an automatic feature that flips back and forth intelligently depending on sunrise and sunset.
And there is a Dark Mode API, so that the developers are able to make third-party apps compatible too.

Apple designed special Dark Mode-optimized wallpapers that turn from light to dark when you switch between Dark Mode and Light Mode.

There is a Control Center button that will activate it temporarily to switch Dark Mode on or off quickly. It is great for the movie theater or for bedtime, if you don’t have the scheduled feature on.

Quick Path

With iOS 13 and the new QuickPath feature, the iPhone finally has a native version of the “swipe” keyboards that have been popular on Android devices for almost a decade.

iOS 13 Quick Path

QuickPath is quite smart and is able to guess the word that you’re aiming to type, so you can slide through letters rapidly.

Alternate word options show up in the predictive bar, so if the iPhone or iPad does guess wrong, you can choose an alternate word.

Better Performance

Like iOS 12, iOS 13 presents some significant changes in efficiency that will make the operating system on iOS devices faster and smoother.

The Face ID feature unlocks up to 30 percent faster for devices using Face ID. Apps will be launched twice as quickly in iOS 13, as they are smaller in size while downloading and even updating.

Because of these changes, Apple has removed constraints on downloading applications over the cellular data, and now there is an option to allow any size of app download over your LTE connection.

New ‘Find my’ app

iOS 13 Find My

The new Find My app in iOS 13 combines the previous Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into one that makes both your phones and your friends easier to find.

There’s also a useful new feature that lets you find a missing device even if it doesn’t have a WiFi or cellular connection.

To do this, Apple utilizes crowd-sourced location data provided by Bluetooth signals. Basically, your phones deliver a Bluetooth signal that other nearby iPhones, iPads, and Macs can pick up and relay that signal back to you so that you can discover your missing device.

You will be able to see the devices of your family under your own devices in the Find My app if you have Family Sharing enabled. If you want to help a friend or family member to find their device, you can tap the new “Help a Friend” option on the Me tab, which opens the page for iCloud.com.

Revamped Photos app

iOS 13 Photo App

Probably the best part of iOS 13 is the new Photos app. Apple has fully revised the Photos app’s design, making it simpler to flip through your years of photography, putting your best photos front and center so you can relive your memories at a glance.

There are new options to view images organized by day, month, and year. The Days view shows the photos you’ve taken that day, while the Months view presents your photos categorized into events so you can see the best of the month at a glance. The Years view surfaces photos taken around the current date on past years.

New Photo editing interface

iOS 13 Photo Editing

Apple added a serious set of editing tools for both pictures and videos that will probably put a bunch of third-party apps out of business.

The editing interface in Photos has been revived that provide front and center editing tools along with newer, and easier to use slider wheels.

There is a handy feature that allows you to tap each edit that applies to see what the picture looks like before and after, so it’s clear what each adjustment does. Intensity is also implemented numerically so that you can see precisely monitor the changes.

iOS 13 also offers video editing tools to adjust elements like exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness, and more. There are also filters you can apply along with tools for cropping and rotating video for the first time.

All video edits are non-destructive, as with photos, you can remove the edits you made and revert back to the original video at any time.

Big update for reminder app

Apple has overhauled its Reminders app in iOS 13 to make it more useful and more competitive with third-party to-do apps. Now it has a new design, new sorting options, and a Siri-powered smart toolbar for entering reminders. All this would make it easier for you to attach photos, dates, and locations to specific dates and times.

While creating a new Reminder, a toolbar appears at the top that lets you schedule specific times for the task, arrange to get a reminder while you are in a car, when you  arrive home, or at another location. Flag a reminder as important so it shows up in the Flagged list, or add a photo or scanned document to be more specific.

Reminders support photos, documents, and web links in iOS 13. When you’re chatting with someone in Messages, Siri can recognize possible reminders and make suggestions, such as when someone asks if you want to go somewhere or asks you to get something from the store.

Sign in with Apple option

Sign in with apple

Sign in with Apple is a new privacy-focused solution to current sign-in options from companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook. This feature intends to allow you to quickly and easily sign in to other applications and services using your current Apple ID.

Sign in with Apple is authenticated via Face ID or Touch ID, and your information is further protected with two-factor authentication. If you don’t want to share your email address with an app or service that uses Sign in with Apple, Apple has even created a “Hide My Email” feature.

Apple does not track or profile you when you use the feature. Apple is requiring all App Store apps that offer social account sign-in options to also provide a Sign in with Apple alternative , and developers have been asked to make Sign in with Apple the first option in an effort to protect user privacy.

New features in Maps

iOS 13 Street View

The new Maps app,is expected to be available across the United States by the end of 2019 and in more countries in 2020. It has a great improvement for detailing the roads, beaches, parks, buildings, and more.

There’s a new Google Street View-like feature that lets you look around real-world locations.There’s a whole new UI that finally lets you view mapping directions and your current music playback at the same time.

Also the new favorites and collections features for saving your favorite locations are genuinely useful.

New Siri and Audio features

Siri has an updated voice intended to sound more natural. When you hear Siri speak longer sentences, it is quite noticeable. The voice of Siri is now completely generated by software.

More third-party app developers can access the SiriKit API, so you can now ask Siri to play music, podcasts, audiobooks, and third-party radio content.

Siri Suggestions have been added to Podcasts, Maps, and Safari. Now Siri is able to detect content to add to Reminders in Messages and events in third-party apps.

CarPlay in iOS 13 has been updated with a new Dashboard view for music, maps, and more. A new Calendar app, and Siri support for third-party navigation and audio apps has also been introduced.

For AirPods and Beats headphones, there’s a new audio sharing option that allows you to watch a film or share a song with a friend just by bringing a second pair of AirPods near an iPhone or iPad.

iOS announcements at WWDC have become less of a promise of what will be in the new software at launch and more a list of features that will eventually come out over the course of the year. Here’s what won’t be included with iOS 13 at launch but later this fall.

  • AirPod audio sharing
  • iCloud Drive folder sharing
  • HomeKit Secure Video, for iCloud-stored video recordings
  • HomeKit-enabled routers
  • HomePod and AirPlay 2-enabled speakers integration for Home app scenes and automations

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