Wearable Technology Future & Top Trends for 2019

Wearable Technology Future & Top Trends for 2019

Evolving at a massive rate, wearable technology is growing in a bullish trend.

Wearables are not a thing of bling anymore rather the drift we witness today is paving the path for them to become necessities soon. Be it healthcare, entertainment, fashion or fitness, wearable technology is gradually becoming pervasive.

As technology is advancing, so are our expectations. Undoubtedly, we have been enjoying an enhanced and improved quality of life due to this advancement.

From voice command selfies to receiving/sending text messages via voice commands to tracking down the calorie expenditure, serving as a cashless payment method and even chasing your health parameters, wearables are becoming ubiquitous.

As per reports by Statista, 453 million devices have been discovered as connected wearable devices in the year 2017 and this number is expected to grow to 929 million devices by 2021.  

Industry leaders expect the wearable technology market to explode in the next 10 years and is expected to reach a value of $150 billion by 2027.

With such a bright perspective of growth, this blog shares the future of wearable technology in 2019.

With such a bright perspective of growth, this blog shares the future of wearable technology in 2019.

1. Smarter Smart Watches

Smart Watches
One of the most popular wearables and the most common one is a Smart Watch. The future of this wearable technology in 2019 is going to be brighter.

As far as the figures are concerned, smart watches already capture the major share of the wearable market with sales grossing around 42 million per year.

Till now we have been using Smartwatches as a supporting device for our mobile devices. For example, you can send/receive messages, email alerts, attend calls, tracking your steps, pulse, and calorie counts etc.

But near future would mark as to revolutionize the prominence and evolve Smartwatches to be a complete replacement of mobile devices.

With such a brilliant growth and a trend which industry experts had hardly expected, Smartwatch technology would be paving its path towards IoT(Internet of Things). Having unimaginable growth prospects, right from controlling your front door lights to managing your stress levels and scheduling meetings and much more stuff like that.

2. Intelligent Fashion

Smart Accessories

Including the amazing fashion tech jewelry like smart necklaces, smart rings, smart bags, smart purses, smart shoes, are making waves in wearables as well as the fashion industry.

Popularly known as Intelligent Fashion, these accessories are innovated to change colors and match with your outfit. Not only this, but smart bags and smart purses are equipped with another interesting and amazing feature of charging your mobile phone.

These Smart bags have a power bank fitted in perfectly which provides backup to your low on battery mobile device.

Connected clothing is a niche on which companies like Under Armour, Lumo are experimenting and innovating. This segment of intelligent fashion is grabbing eyes and is predicted to sell over 7 million by 2020 to the consumers. Continuing the trend, the numbers will be exploding by 2022 to over 30 million.

3. Healthcare aiming big shots

Smart Healthcare Apps

Healthcare has been the most benefitting aspect of wearing wearables technology. Not only has it helped fitness freaks by providing them with necessary health parameters but also aided patients by providing insights on their conditions.

Saving on both the time and resources, wearables are helping even the doctors by rendering some complex and significant information. Medical professionals are being backed by this data to solve some knotty puzzles like what would be the impact of a new drug, or the constant monitoring of recovery status of an operated patient and much more.

Manufacturing of pacemakers, activity tracking devices and hearing aids are already some of the common and renowned fields where wearable technology has shown impact.

In 2019, wearable technology with regard to healthcare is bound to grow exponentially. Other than noting all the health parameters digitally, wearables would be alert the curers regarding any deviation in sufferers health conditions. It would also be eliminating the need of carrying your health records. All the records would be available on the wearable technology platform instead of those bulky files and documents.

Wearable technology in healthcare would mark a significant breakthrough, and innovate to benefit us all in forthcoming years.

4. Game Hard

VR Games

Wearables like Smart glasses and VR (Virtual Reality) gears have played an important role in benefiting the gaming industry.

Any gaming app which integrates the virtual world with the real world seems fascinating and leads to its popularity.

But the hard fact is that as these AR & VR gadgets are not attached to the phone, they need apps specifically designed for them. And in spite of an impressive rate of growth from about 3-5% every year, even wearables designed particularly for gamers is not as easy as other wearables.

2019 would be a year challenging the prospects of gaming for wearable technology.

5. The Importance of Insight

Raw data does not hold good for all. But when the experts analyze the same and share them as analytical insights, it becomes powerful.

Wearable technology is known to collect vital data digitally. And to analyze this raw data into meaningful insights, data scientists would be invited to integrate and create dashboards.

Such dashboards would let the consumers to understand, relate and make the right use of the interconnections established.

Under Armour and Nike are such brands which are pioneering innovations to paint the future of wearable technology.

Closing Notes

The above listed were top 5 trends which would be worth watching in this year. Though wearables industry was predicted not to work much, yet passionate developers and innovative initiatives of startups and established brands have brought its journey this far. Not satiated, wearables industry is still seen in its budding stage and is set to bloom in coming years.

We have brought the trends in the wearables industry together to inform you of the close future of wearables. Bringing you the opportunities of this niche, we wished to make you aware of its game-changing potentials. We have the experience and expertise in developing apps for Apple Watch.

For any queries please feel free to contact us.

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