Top In-line eCommerce Product Trends: 2020-2021

Top In Line eCommerce Product Trends: 2020-2021

The e-commerce industry is a never-ending ocean of business opportunities. In recent years, its expansion has been keenly observed and seen to impact heavily upon our lives.

From consumer goods to service provision, the industry is booming. Today more people shop online and businesses are keen to capitalize on this aspect.

Thus, with the myriad of possible goods and services available, and the competition that ensues, how does an entrepreneur leverage?

Mastery of Changing Trends

Chess grandmasters prove their skills by reading the game. They always think one step ahead of their opponents in order to win. To some extent it can be said that they see into the future, albeit only in seconds.

Entrepreneurs can as well learn a thing or two from chess grandmasters. Just as they predict their opponents’ moves, online business owners can also think ahead of their consumer. 

To be successful in e-commerce, you need three key attributes: products that are in-demand, the skill to market them and lastly, the zeal to succeed.

By being unique, staying alert and through experimentation, one becomes synonymous with changing trends.

Trending Products to Sell in 2020

E-commerce revenues are expected to shoot up to $6.54 trillion. Being a dynamic industry, one must rely on consumer trends to grow. In the 2020/2021 e-commerce year, here are some best trending products.


Technology without a doubt is the most dynamic industry to delve into. The mere fact that it changes irrespective of time, is a factor to consider investing into.

The technology industry is versatile with endless possibilities. Some top technological trending products to sell in 2020 include:

  • AI Assist: The rise in artificial intelligence has seen its incorporation into communication devices.

    AI provides valuable assistance to the user in time management and total automation. Consumers want to hand over control of complex and miniscule tasks to AIs.

    In turn, they are left to focus on other things. Focusing on developing and providing AI software solutions will be profitable in the subsequent years.

AI Assist
  • Wireless Technology: Wireless technology has been the craze for years now. At present we have mastered wireless technology to present various products.

    Such introductions include Bluetooth speakers as well as wireless headphones and earphones. Bluetooth speakers have dominated the stage for quite a while, but are yet to shine in 2020.

    In addition, sales of wireless headsets for gaming, music and film production are shooting upwards. Moreover, novel entries like the Apple Airpods 2™ provide hands-free user experience.

Wireless Technology
  • Drones and accessories: Within the past five years, drone technology has seen a steady rise in demand.

    In 2020, drone technology will be heavily incorporated into the photography and film industry. Drones not only offer a high price point, but also appeal when the accessories are included as well.

Drones and accessories
  • Smart Bulbs and LED Lighting: LED lights, once popular in the 80s, are making a dashing comeback.

    More popular variants are remote-controlled, color-shifting LED lighting. In addition, smart bulbs that are self-recharging are becoming increasingly popular. These products can give you e-commerce business a sturdy revenue source.

Smart Bulbs and LED Lighting
  • Smartphones Accessories: Popular smartphones add-ons include; customized graphic cases, stands, charger heads and cable adapters.

    Phone cases, for example, have been popular since the start of the decade. These products add an aesthetic feel to our electronic gadgets.

    Depending on the smartphone model, accessories are always sought after. Consumer customization is a trend that is dynamic extending beyond 2020 and is profitable.

Smartphones Accessories

Health and Wellness

Health is wealth. This statement can be viewed from different angles and still make sense. Consumers have become conscious of their bodies and want to know what they feed them.

More people are moving away from highly processed foods and consuming natural foodstuffs. This shift in consumerism forced manufacturers and producers to rethink their strategies.

As an entrepreneur, you should also shift your focus in providing natural and healthy options. So, how do you capitalize on health, nutrition and wellness?

  • Green Tea powders: Matcha, a type of green tea is an increasingly popular healthy beverage.

    It is less processed than regular black tea and contains less caffeine. Its popularity stems from its benefits, and now boasts a $300 million market share.

    This is expected to grow in the subsequent year by 8%. Other similar tea powders are also popular, as long as they are “green”.

  • Detox Products: The detox products market estimates around $3.4 billion. With the detox abound, there are limitless opportunities.

    One can create their own brand, provided they offer natural products. It would be wise to opt for organic products as they are most sought after.

    Portable blender: Continuing onwards with fitness trends, a portable blender is an important tool.

    For those wishing to blend a tropical healthy fruit mix will be appealed by this item. Quite often people wish to drink their fruits rather than eat them.

    A portable blender will sell much more than its bulkier, static counterpart in the kitchen department.

    Portable blender

Fashion and Beauty Trends

Fashion and beauty are dynamic compositions, ever changing. Being an ancient art, it has survived the ages to dominate society.

The beauty of this industry is that it’s dynamic. It hugely depends on the society that dominates the stage.

What was considered beautiful and fashionable two decades ago may not be the case today. Thus to be a giant in this industry one must study its trends carefully.

The need for women and men to want to feel good never ends. Therefore, it is a good niche to capitalize on. Fashion and beauty trending products to sell in 2020 include:

  • Denim: A material popular in terms of sturdiness which heavily dominated the 80s. Denim brought us the “jeans” and dominated the scenes well into the millennium.

    In 2019, most fashion houses were experimenting with denim. Various outfits i.e., skirts, tops, shirts, purses, bags and even footwear were fashioned out of denim.

    What makes this fabric popular is its resilience and longevity. Moreover, denim can be creatively fashioned into almost anything.

    At par with khaki, it’s expected to continue its streak well into 2020 and beyond.

  • Shapewear: Thanks to Kim Kardashian, this tight compression undergarment rocked 2019.

    Similar to leotards or singlets, but quite different in function. While the latter makes it easier to move, shapewear slims one’s body. A woman’s body image is her greatest asset in boosting confidence.

    This “body-conscious” apparel gives women and opportunity to be who they want to be without fear and prejudice.

    The industry is projected to grow to $6M by 2022 and currently the hottest item on sale.

    Fitness Wear and Accessories: Increasing lifestyle changes globally have led consumers to invest in fitness and related accessories.

    Similarly with the aforementioned shapewear, this industry will grow rapidly. Demand for waist-trainer belts, padded rear underwear, and chest enhancers are only the tip.

    Other accessories to sell include comfortable footwear, yoga mats, resistance bands, sweat bands and smartwatches.


    Skin care and hair products: According to Google trends, skin and hair products searches have been at all time high.

    More so, natural and healthy skin care and hair products as consumers are becoming aware. Moreover, the modern woman is embracing natural hair looks and styles.

    She seeks products laden with natural botanicals, free of synthetic chemicals. In addition, she campaigns against animal cruelty, and thus only approves of natural products.

    As an online entrepreneur, building your niche upon this industry will be ideal. Furthermore, you can connect widely with bloggers and Instagram influencers. Doing so will greatly boost your sales once your product is popularized on social media.

    Skin care and hair products

Why Are These The Best Products To Sell Online In 2020-2021?

In e-commerce, knowing what to sell is equally important as the strategy to employ. Your ultimate goal ought to be selling the right (trending) product. Focusing on the changing trends is an ideal way to start.

Discovering new items or inventing new ones will automatically resonate to consumers. These then end up highly demanded by consumers. A classical case is the introduction of the Walkman, a portable music device that rocked the 80s scene.

Not only did it revolutionize access to music but also became a fashion statement. Its success was made possible with the changing trends of the “hip-scene” and the demand for consumer personalization.

Staying On Top Of E-Commerce Trends

Albeit tempting, following online trends needs to be constantly maintained. Moreover, one should have their firm hold into the overseas market, why?

Well, some products first gain popularity locally before spreading globally. Moreover, studying the competition helps you understand how the current market works. It would be pointless launching a product that is already saturated.

In addition, stand out in your niche. Sure the aforementioned products are not limited and neither is the market monopolistic. Check your brand and market it appropriately to stand out to consumers.

Furthermore, before going with the trends, determine your most loyal customers. Lastly, check consumer behaviors and target a customer subset to motivate them. Then proceed to sell away!

In case you need any help putting up your eCommerce store or you are struggling with a non-performing online store, please feel free to contact us. We have certified Magento 2 developers and are highly proficient with BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress and WooCommerce.

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