Top 4 eCommerce Payment Gateways

Top eCommerce Payment Gateways

For any business or brand, the most crucial aspect that has to work without any glitches is your payment gateway. It can be quite a task to choose a suitable payment gateway because the choices in the market are far from few. For any business that has shipping or drop shipping options, a secure and robust payment gateway should be your first and foremost priority.

With so many options to select from, we will take you through some of the top payment gateways that will help you make an informed choice. First, let us look at some of the basics of eCommerce payment gateways.

What is a payment gateway? And why is it so important?

An eCommerce payment gateway is a secure passage through which a user can bridge his purchase payments to the seller’s account without doing an actual account transfer.

What is a payment gateway? And why is it so important?

A payment gateway links your payment source to the seller’s payment medium and completes the transaction. It is responsible for all the transactions that happen through the website. All you have to do is put in your credit/debit card details.

Since it is such a critical factor to consider while setting up your account, you must know some mandatory points to consider while choosing one. Let us look at some essential criteria to select a suitable payment gateway.

Select a commonly used gateway in your country

Always choose a gateway that is very commonly used in the country and demographic where you are placing your products.

Lower transaction fee

The transaction fee should not be very high because users will not want to shell out more money than required. Some gateways offer a higher transaction fee than others, which doesn’t always work in their users’ favor.

Support for dropshipping

Dropshipping is a rising trade these days. In this business arrangement, you can sell products online without having to actually stock them. Providing you the convenience of order fulfillment without burden, it becomes an indispensable part of it. Hence  along with direct transactions, ensure your gateway supports the drop shipping category of sellers as well. Some payment gateways don’t.

Renowned and Safe to use

Do overall market research. Talk to people and find out what feedback they have regarding the gateway you are choosing. Finalize on one which offers a good experience and a no-hassle experience in terms of shopping to its users.

Top payment gateways for an eCommerce shopping

We have taken into account all the critical factors that we have discussed above and put together a list of payment gateways for you to choose from. From the said list, you will get an idea of all the statistics, geographies, and features that each of them has. They are accessible and ready for you to choose from.

1. PayPal

PayPal needs no introduction as it is a name that has reached every household and has been used by users at some point or another. It is not only one of the most popular but also one of the most secure and reliable payment gateways that have been in the market.


It is accepted and used in every country in the world and has a vast customer base. As far as a leading Magento payment gateway is concerned, PayPal tops the list.

Users can download this and use it in stores and the applications. PayPal has a unique option called PayPal credit, which comes in the form of rewards that users receive when they use it.

People who use PayPal have excellent feedback about its ease of access, comfort, a customized interface, which leads to outstanding user experience.

It gives the customer a reasonable leeway instead of putting them through tedious processes. The owners of the stores have to pay a transaction fee of 3.4% for PayPal usage and maintenance.

Paypal Payment Growth

Owners will be charged this fee only when they are making a sale at the time of the users’ checkout. There are no hidden fees, like setup fees, monthly fees, or gateway fees. In 2019, PayPal’s annual payment volume was 712 billion USD. (

2. Stripe

Apart from drop shipping and check out transactions, some websites and store owners run a subscription service, a marketplace on popular public demand, or a crowdfunding project. For these additional activities that take place, we have a new kid on the block called Stripe. Despite being the new baby in the business, Stripe has managed to garner a lot of attention due to its platform and service levels that it has achieved in a short span of time.

Stripe Payment

Not just as a domestic payment gateway service but also has taken on global acclaim and risen fast and steadily while retaining its quality. Most of the technology-based companies, whether they are a start-up or established conglomerates, prefer Stripe because of its scalability and tech advancement. Stripe boasts of its well-maintained APIs, easy renewals, and the safety of the payments across all countries.

Stripe has APIs which not only enable swift integration but also enable customization for your end-user. This gives your user an excellent experience, and this approach has received a lot of positive feedback. Renewal process is easy, and it is low on charges for maintenance, monthly rentals, and yearly costs that you incur during a particular transaction.


3. SecurePay

For those who have been around the block, SecurePay has been a veteran in the industry as it was one of the very first companies to set up their payment gateways. SecurePay is one of the leading online transaction companies offering security services.


Credit cards and mobile payments have been SecurePay’s forte for a long time now. SecurePay has several associated merchants who have an array of services that make life easier for the end-user. Let us look at them one by one to explore in-depth.

Customer data – Owners can access a customer’s data or information through the secure layer called SSL – Secure Sockets Layer. All data that moves around on SecurePay’s site is encapsulated in a security blanket through their PCI certificate. It helps to raise tokens for transactions without asking for a user’s card information time and again.

Easy drop shop – Ease of access and affordable solution offering for merchants to link their sites to the SecurePay.

Mobile access – Users can access and transact through their mobile since SecurePay integrates seamlessly with the mobile application base. It works on both Android and iOS.

SecurePay analytics – SecurePay allows its merchant businesses to have a full-fledged all-round view of what their working, reports, statistics, and current revenue is. They also give insights on social media platform activities and map themselves against their competition.

4. Amazon Payments

Amazon is one of the leading platforms for shoppers all over the world. It has made a mark in the minds of people as one of the best online shopping sites. Thanks to its amazing services, Amazon has now extended its wings to the payment gateway sector as well. 

Amazon Pay

Amazon Payments has strong credibility and customer trust that sets it apart from the masses in the payment gateway industry. It not only bridges but also allows its associated businesses to accept, validate, process, and disburse payments. 

Complete with all payment modes like credit, debit cards, UPI payments, and net banking services, it integrates seamlessly with different payment wallets. Amazon Payments is very forward and robust in its technological advancement and integrates at an economical price point. 

Amazon Pay

There are two different payment packages on Amazon Payments. Shoppers can log in and make their payment. On the other hand, merchants have the Pay With Amazon option for the same. Merchants can also check their conversion rates from time to time. This enables them to constantly improvise and reduce the chances of cart abandonment.


We have given you honest insight on various kinds of payment gateways and the kind of operations and features that they offer. It depends on whether your business is at a domestic level or international, for you to make a choice accordingly. For starters, always start small.

Understand how things work, and how your site is being integrated, what kind of security you are getting, and then decide whether it will work as a long-term solution for you. Ensure that your first priority remains serving a secure solution to your customer, which helps them to reach and engage with you for a longer tenure.

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