Techies India Inc at Meet Magento NYC 2019


Techies India Inc. and Magento

Our journey with Magento started nearly a decade ago. Since 2008, working on a sturdy platform like Magento was nothing less than an adventure. This relationship of more than 11 years has always been exciting and we have never had to look back ever.

Unfurling the advantages of this platform helped our clients to manage their large eCommerce stores as a breeze. Great functionalities, exceptionally good extensions, and an unparalleled support offered by Magento community is all what it takes to have happy clients.

Irrespective of the industry verticals ranging from fashion and luxury brands to food, lifestyle to grocers, to event management, our bespoke Magento development services has lead to exponential growth and facilitated high scalability solutions to our clients.

What are we excited about at meet Magento 2019 NYC?

We have always been excited about Magento events. Had it been in Singapore, Dubai, London, Australia, New York, or Las Vegas. Every single event has been a resort to learn, grow, connect and deliver solutions to businesses uniquely.

Having attended all the major events, we are getting more and more in love with Magento community. Magento events are great opportunities for merchants, developers and agencies to come together, share their knowledge and wisdom of experience.

And we are surely not going to miss this one either in New York! There is so much on the plate with Meet Magento NYC. We can not just wait for the super exciting lineup on 5th-6th September this year. It is going to be huge as you get to know the latest developments in Magento, eCommerce and how will they affect the merchants.

It will include right from providing a guide to future proof your retail strategy for harmonizing Magento extensions with PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), ways to boost mobile conversions, and so much more with order management, Page Builder etc.

It will be interesting to get equipped with the data driven future of Magento, know more about AI in ecommerce, keeping up with consumers, trends and technology.

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If you have any queries about Magento 2 development, Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, UX designs or any doubts about your eCommerce, please Drop Us a Line . In case you want to catch up with us while at the event, please Schedule a Meeting with our co-founder.

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