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Python has evolved as a powerful, dynamic and sturdy scripting language. It is an open source software that supports multiple programming paradigms and can prove to be an incredible platform to take your business to much higher level.

Why Python?



Fewer Code Requirements

Python is quite famous for its simple and easy syntax. It has fewer code requirements which mean that your project or application is lighter. Fewer code requirements give a dual advantage to the developer as well as to the client. For a developer it leads to an easier development and for client it results in quicker and faster delivery of the project.


Highly extensible

Being a mature language, Python is designed to be highly extensible. It offers a wide range of plug-and-play packages that allows you to add programmable interfaces from its large standard library. Python has innumerable community contributed modules offering endless opportunities and possibilities for adding featured functionality to your application.



Developed under OSI approved open source license, Python is a free to use and download language. Free from subscription or downloading charges, you can witness your application or project to be implemented with very low cost on maintenance and working more effectively than its paid counterparts.


Impeccable Security

Python has flawless security features built-in its framework. So, when you work on a project with Python, you don’t have to worry about data theft or hacking issues at all.


Full-stack Web development

Python has an advantage of being capable of full stack web development framework. It has frameworks which make Python application to have an excellent content management.

Python has amazing capabilities for

Business Applications

Python is quite a sturdy platform with impeccable security features to deliver a stunning business application. Python has Odoo which is all-in-one management software. It offers a complete suite of business applications which help in overall enterprise management. Even Tryton is also a magnificent system which is a three-tier high level general Purpose application platform.

Web Development

Python has excellent web frameworks like Django and Pyramid that are popularly used for rapid development of applications. Python is eminent for developing data-enriched enterprise apps, with strong database connectivity and amazing content management system. Its micro-frameworks like Flask and Bottle are very easy to learn and help in prototype simple ideas.

Data Analysis

Python is an impeccable framework for data analysis due to its widely used scientific and numeric capabilities. SciPy being a collective package for mathematics, science and engineering can be collaborated with Pandas which is a modelling and data analysis library. IPython is a very powerful interactive shell which allows you to edit, record a work session and also supports visualization.

Game Programming

PyGame is a dedicated framework which allows you to develop games as per your imagination. Programming of consoles, mobiles, VR/AR, desktops is made as easy as breeze with Python. It also offers an excellent platform for designing custom simulations, architectures, graphical as well as User interface and easy synchronisation.

Programming Solutions

Python is a great framework which is used to develop responsive web apps, enterprise-grade apps with modules ranging from CRM, content management to ERP and financial services. Python has an extensive suite of frameworks that allow developers to build highly readable, cross-platform and even data-heavy apps.

Bursting some myths

Python does not support Ecommerce

One common misconception that people hold about Python is actually nothing more than a myth. Python is an outstanding platform which lends a sturdy and secure base for all your business applications. Python has been successfully used to build ERP and e-Commerce systems. Odoo and Tryton and some of the supporting systems on Python that serve as a complete enterprise management suite.

Python does not scale

Bursting one of the biggest myths encompassing Python, that it does not scale. Fact is, it lends itself easily to both horizontal as well as vertical scalability. Python is built keeping in mind profiling and optimisation and hence you do not waste time in fixing failures due to segmentation. Moreover companies like Dropbox, Youtube, Instagram and Quora use Python as their core technology which may clarify any more doubts on Python’s ability to scale.

Python is too slow

Another common myth which keeps you away from using this amazing platform is regarding its speed. Reality is that, it is considerably faster than JavaScript and Ruby but might be a bit slower than C and C++. Even this has been taken care of by PyPy’s JIT compilation for performing faster than C. Python is a dynamic language which allows developers to concentrate on high-level implementations thereby optimising their time.

Python is not suitable for large projects

On the contrary; Python has been successfully implemented and used in large projects like YouTube, Dropbox, JP Morgan and even Bank of America. Using millions of lines of coding in Python in a single project, it has exceptional characteristics of packaging and modularity. With its strong and sturdy conventions and code review capabilities, Python is amazing to manage big teams and projects.

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