Zray Plugin Contest Final 5!


What a great news it is from Zend Technologies today that Techies India Inc. has made it to final Top 5 plugin contest initiated at Zend Con 2015.

The contest is about developing ZRay plugins & we have submitted ZRay plugin for Yii Framework.

You can view the plugin in live environment at http://bit.ly/22KcdJE

The Yii2 plugin extends Z-Ray to display Yii2 information on all the various Yii2 elements constructing the page, including Asset bundles, SQL queries, and logs, together with general information on the setup and the request.

  • Asset Bundles
  • DB Logger
  • Logger
  • Page Info
  • Extensions
  • Config Info

Panel 2

These Plugins are snippets of code that extend Zend Server and Z-Ray to support specific development environments. Plugins are developed by, and for, Zend Server and Z-Ray users, and are available in the Zend Gallery –  an online marketplace for sharing and downloading these extensions.

zend server

During the contest, 21 new plugins were submitted to the Zend Gallery, extending Zend Server and Z-Ray to support a wide spectrum of PHP applications, frameworks, databases and extensions.

You can see a full list of all the plugins/authors here.

According to the contest rules, and after long consideration, the plugins listed below were chosen for their creativity, usability, quality, and overall coolness.

It’s now up to you to decide which plugin is the final winner of the contest! View the live demos and info detailed below, and place your vote!

Vote for Yii Plugin for ZRay by Techies India Inc.

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