WWDC 2018 – What Mobile App Developers Should be Excited About?


WWDC 2018

This year’s Apple’s WWDC 2018 came to close and keynote updates and features were displayed. Such attributes, without a doubt, will trigger a cascade of events in mobile app development. Without any further delay we bring you some of the top mobile apps exhibited:

iOS 12

Coming not as a surprise, the development of a new and improved operating system is always prime in any mobile company. Apple unveiled the next operating system, iOS 12 with emphasis on speed and performance. More specifically, iOS 12 will extend performance capabilities to its previous version.

The primary focus in iOS development will be optimization under load and on older devices, prior to 2013, few improvements are well noted. They include:

  • Faster launching of iOS Applications
  • Speedy keyboard display
  • Fast access to the camera

However, the major focus in this year’s WWDC was enhanced performance of the operating system.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality and its counterpart, virtual reality is growing industries. Apple’s push for maintaining the top spot as the powerful augmented reality platform was evident. The company main goal, relative to augmented reality, is to extend the benefits of AR across the iOS system.

Apple created USDZ, an AR file format for sharing stunning 3D graphics and animations. With this compact, single-format file, AR can now be used across major iOS Applications. Full native support for USDZ on mobile app development and graphic design programs enable developers and designers alike to deliver AR experiences.

ARKit 2

There cannot be a mention of Augmented Reality without the mention of ARKit. This is the technology that powers AR in mobile devices. ARKit 2 introduces major improvements to face tracking, 3D object detection, rendering, and most notably, shared experiences.

In addition, mobile app development has never been this rich as developers can use ARKit 2 to create multi-user AR experiences for the first time!

Photo Sharing Enhanced

Photographs captured and shared on iPhone each year, are indeed billions if not millions. It is only necessary that this year’s WWDC grants the Photos app a boost. With additional sharing capabilities, users are able to build private, secure libraries. They can also securely manage their data with other Photos users.

The iOS 12 also comes with a new interface called For You. Basically, this interface collects photo memories, displays photos, makes sharing suggestions, introduces effect suggestions and highlights shared album activity.

Group Message Chats and FaceTime

There isn’t much to be said about the new upgrades to iPhone Messages. Animoji introduced four new emoji: ghost, koala, tiger, and t-rex. Also, Apple introduced Memoji, a feature which makes avatars more interactive.

Apple has added group innovation to FaceTime. This feature now allows multiple simultaneous call participants (up to 32). Moreover, FaceTime will enable users to switch from a group chat to a group call with ease through messaging integration.


In order for Apple to establish itself in the voice technology landscape, they have updated Siri with new capabilities. One of the incredible Siri updates includes the Shortcuts App, which lets users’ program common behaviors, Siri learns and make suggestions.

Other OS Updates

watchOS 5: On the many iOS applications updates, the watchOS 5 contains fitness related updates. Notable features of the update include Apple Podcasts, Auto-detect workouts, Activity Sharing competitions, Walkie-Talkie, and third-party mobile apps integration. Most notably, Walkie-Talkie is appealing to most and also allows for quick and enhanced communication. This new communication feature is fast, handy and most importantly connects to any Apple Watch around using Wi-Fi or cellular data.

tvOS 12: Apple made huge strides in the cinematic experience with the AppleTV 4K and Dolby Atmos. tvOS 12 allows streaming on both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. It is the only certified streaming application. Also, with tvOS 12, Apple is simplifying the onboard experience by enabling users to log in to their subscription services without requiring any sign-in credentials.

macOS Mojave: Lastly, for Mac users, the macOS Mojave comes with a new Dark Mode which enhances user content. Additionally, the new Stacks feature cleans up cluttered desktops by neatly organizing icons and files into stacks. Additionally, familiar iOS applications like Stocks, News, Home and Voice Memos are now compatible with macOS. The Mac App Store also wasn’t left behind; it has been redesign and displays new and updated apps in the Discover Tab. It also has new tabs like Work, Play, Create and Develop to assist users in locating the apps they need.

WWDC 2018 Big Impact

Perhaps the biggest impact on mobile app development is the Focus App Suite. Developers are able to market their product (mobile apps) and further reach the consumer. More and more people become more conscious of how they use their phones and are limiting screen times. Developers are now tasked with discovering and exploring new options on how to attract and retain users aside from push notifications.

However, all this is only a fraction of the efforts needed. Having the right marketing strategy in place is the solid determiner.


Having existed for a decade now, Apple’s App Store has drastically changed how we live. It has introduced countless businesses, created a sea of jobs and given birth to new industries. Currently, the App Store records over 500 million weekly visitors.

Despite being dynamic and constantly changing the mobile app development landscape will always be on the demand for mobile apps.

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