How to Write Interesting Content for a Boring Industry


How to interesting content

Want to write a captivating content which gives a lucrative opportunity? But do you feel that your industry is too dry or boring for a piece of content to work wonders for you?

Your industry might be boring but content marketing can drive success for any brand or industry, irrespective of the degree of boredom. Yes you read it right. Through many studies, it has been proved that how the effective use of content marketing strategies are absolutely flourishing these so called boring and unexpected brands.

Today what we are presenting to you is not a case study of the boring industries but we will talk about strategies that make the content relevant and engaging for any type of an industry.

  1. Provide a solution

Everybody is facing and handling their problems at their respective levels. But when they read something that is genuinely helpful, it no longer remains boring.

For this approach you should just catch the pain-points of those who are suffering from common problems of an industry. As no one likes to remain sticked in a problem and is eager to find a way out, you have served the purpose by offering them a solution. This way your content is no longer boring for those who really need it.

  1. Write something informative

Human brain has a curiosity to know something new and interesting. Utilise this fact while writing for a boring industry.

You just need to put a little bit of effort in reading consumer reports or analysing business statistics and tell your audience about the emerging business trends, consumer behaviour trends or the best practices that feed their brains with something sensible that is relevant, appealing and informative.

  1. Be Specific

Rather than talking something that does not relate to your topic, you should remain specific in your content. People just drop off reading a blog, if they don’t find it serving their purpose of being specific and relevant.

Writing a specific content rather than a generic one will always give you an advantage of catching the target audience for whom you have written it specifically. So try to be very specific and concise and address a particular problem for which your audience is eager to find a way out.

  1. Write for influencers

An influencer or enthusiast is a person who would love to listen to what you are talking about. They are the people who will talk about your brand and can help you get a word about it.

If you are successful in catering to their needs, involve them in your content then you may surely find your piece being promoted in their networks leading to your success.

  1. Infuse a humorous tone

When you are writing for a boring industry, it may sometimes make your reader to feel monotony. Using a conversational, light and humorous tone throughout your content may instil life into it.

People stay connected to you when they feel being talked to or talked about and writing like a friend rather than a professional writer will always be a winsome approach for you. Cracking a joke or just drawing upon fun filled culture references can work wonders with audience engagement unless they are distracted from understanding your content.

  1. Use rich media

Just writing blog posts or articles as their content management strategies do not always attract right audience.

Using rich media is the key to a successful content strategy. You can create videos, podcasts, offer calculators, quizzes or educate them through infographics or indulge them in some interactive game renders better audience engagement that just regular blog posts or plain content.

Breaking away the norms and coming up with something fresh yet equally informative grabs the reader’s eye. So try to use rich media as a part of your strategy.

  1. Be Brief

As per a research on consumer it was found that 60% of the internet users spend their time on mobile devices. This research result implies that a content which is already fighting against boredom is more likely to be abandoned due to difficulty in being read.

Here in comes the need to be brief and have responsive design for a speedier reading with less scrolling. Use the maximum brevity, so that it takes less time for your content to be read and the chances of reader drop-off also reduces.

  1. Give little breaks

If your content seems well-written, interesting and easy to read only then it shall be read. Writing your content in smaller paragraphs will help them tackle a difficult piece of content in smaller and digestible chunks.

Give your points a bold heading and get the lists bulleted or numbered to help readers scan over each section and read the one that they are connected to.

Consistency in the quality of the content and variety in the type of content with relevance and brevity are the major takeaways. Use the above said tips with your effort and brain power and harness the creativity to cater to your target audience and accomplish your goals.

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