Why Magento will be the best eCommerce platform to Opt in 2019?


Why Magento will be the best eCommerce platform to Opt in 2019?

Ecommerce is the fastest growing business model in the world. It does not need any introduction.

Every eCommmerce player wants to deliver an outstanding experience to his users. Attracting and engaging customers is the top priority of every online retailer these days. To enhance the user experience, every eCommerce retailer in this industry try to choose a platform with fast page loading speed, exceptional mobile browsing experience, easier navigation and innovative integrations.

Magneto is the most popular, widely accepted and most innovative platform. Recognized as the #1 Commerce Solution provider by Internet Retailer for consecutively sixth year, Magento has a huge user base, sturdier performance and stronger community than any of its contemporary platforms. Furnished with incomparable features like being open-source, highly scalable, mobile responsive and many more, Magento is the prime consideration of millions of store owners, merchants and eCommerce developers.

Continuing its favorability by over more than 524000 merchants, its popularity and dependability continues to grow. Magento 2 is equipped with excellent and “out-of-the-box” features making it the first choice of eCom retailers today and the reason Why Magento is the best eCommerce Platform for Enterprise Level.

Being mobile responsive, Magento 2 is a perfect platform to capture and generate more mobile revenues. As per statistics revenues generated from m-commerce in 2019 will outperform 693 billion US dollars. Even you can optimize your Magento 2 store for greater revenues and increased ROI.

Introduction of various enhancements and security patches in all its versions and upgrades, Magento 2 has such exclusive features which make it best Ecommerce platform even for 2019.

Incredible features of Magneto 2


1. Improved performance

With an in-built and improved indexer, Magento 2 has successfully delivered higher query performance speed. Indexing being a type of strategy, keeps a track of catalog data, related costs, and much more of the retailer’s data. It is a great valuable addition to Magento which provides enhanced user experience to shoppers as well as retailers.

For developers as well, Magneto 2 unveils amazing experience. With Varnish Cache , they can now easily cache full page content and improve website’s SEO ranking due to faster response time. Data conflicts keep a distance from Magento 2 as now it allows more than one admin users to create and edit product information on your eCommerce store.

Estore Improved performance

2. Highly Scalable

Depicting the must-haves of the best eCommerce platform for 2019, high scalability is what every growing retailer looks for. And Magento has it ever since its evolution.

Fulfilling all the requirements of a growing business, your e-store on Magento stands on a sturdy base and a strong support. Being established on a modular architecture, it allows you to breakdown the subsystems and hosts on separate servers. Optimized for all types of loads, this segregation helps in enhanced performance and serving ground for scaling your business.

3. Smoother Check-out Process

Magento is always seen to perform better of itself than others. Results of which we see in the constant and continuous efforts they make in updating and upgrading its versions. One of the most important gift that Magneto has given to its users is that of smoother and faster check-out process.

Strengthening its core, Magento has integrated extensions like Amazon Pay, Vertex, Klarna Pay, Braintree and many more. These have paved a smoother path for your users and offer them a quicker and delightful check-out process.

It leads your eCommerce store to reduce the rate of cart abandonment,increasing average order value and increasing your revenues.

Faster Check-out Process

4. Most Secured

Known for being most secured platform, Magento has consistently been focussed and has evolved better and safer processes. It complies with the advanced requirements of
an e-store, and protects the personal information of your customer with high security at the same time.

Bringing “out-of-the-box” features to life, Signifyd lets you know if the customer who has just placed an order with your e-store is genuine or not? Magneto is the only platform
with this high security, protecting your customer’s credentials and saving you from fraud attacks. Offering the most advanced features with equally high security, would easily convince you why to choose Magento 2 in 2019.

Most Secured ecommerce platform

5. Advanced Shipping and Supplier Management

Advanced shipping is a feature in Magento 2 that lets you configure shipping fees with extreme flexibility. You can consider destination, weight, price, categories, quantity and many more variables to calculate shipping charges.

This feature allows you to manage any number of shipping providers, with simple configuration of conditions of display and the formula to be used to calculate price of each shipping method.

Procurement or Supplier Management feature in Magento 2 enhances the back-end functions and easen up the resupplying process. It eliminates your tasks of preparing excel spreadsheets for your purchase order, managing your supplier deliveries and manually adding the received stock.

You just need to add a barcode scanner which will save your valuable time and efforts. With this extension you will be able to pick up and scan any product straight from the delivery vehicle. The barcode assigned identifies the product and adds up to its quantity with every scan.

Faster ecommerce shipping

6. Dynamic reporting

Reporting is an important and crucial part of decision making for your ecommerce business. It not only gives you understanding of how your business is doing but also keeps you informed about your present standing and help in projecting future.
Magento 2 has equipped your estore with dynamic reporting which generate reports on the most critical areas of your interest namely Order, Customer and Products.

Orders report keep you constantly updated about the number of orders received, their Average Value and the amount of taxes and shipping charges collected.

Customers Report tells you about the number of accounts that are registered on your eCommerce store.

Products report conveys the number of orders received for each product and the best seller product, so that you can make further enhancements to increase revenues generated from that product.

Ecommerce Dynamic reporting

7. Email Marketing Automation

Integrating Dotmailer in all its versions of 2.2.x, Magneto has added innovation to your convenience. Facilitating you to create your advertisement campaigns in just a matter of minutes, its Email Marketing Automation extension delivers vital value to your eCommerce business.

It allows you to create automated campaigns via SMS, Push notifications, emails and other channels as well.

Magento 2 provides you with an easy to use Dotmailer toolset with customer support available throughout the day for 5 days a week.

Email Marketing Automation

8. Variety of Payment Gateways

Integrating most secured and a number of payment gateways, the platform has proved to be the best eCommerce platform even for 2019.

Extensions like Paypal, Authorize.net, Braintree, Worldpay, Stripe, Amazon Pay and more are introduced for wider scope of customisation.

You can now offer more and secured payment options to your customers to select one from. Introducing Payment On account is another revolutionary feature with which you can set a limit for minimum and maximum order limit for credit payment method.

Magento Payment Gateway


With all these features listed above, Magento 2 can be clearly announced as the best platform for 2019 as well. Its functionalities, extensions and tools helps developers to meet the advancing needs of merchants to give their users an exceptional experience. Creating a perfect store, Magento 2  outperforms its competition in all aspects, clearing off any of your doubts.

Its latest version Magento 2.2.6, has been witnessed to be ultra-fast and most reliable of all the versions. But this platform, to deliver its best, needs updation or optimization at the hands of expert and experienced developers.

With our core expertise in Magento Development, we can help you get your store upgraded without any hassles.

For any queries or help, feel free to Contact us.

Till then stay Upgraded and Optimized!!

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