Why Magento is Best Platform for Enterprise Level?


Magento has been quite a popular choice not only among the developers but also for the business owners. Captured number one position from quite a number of years has been possible because of an array of its exceptional features for the e-store as well as the consumers. With the growing businesses and ever increasing demands of the consumer, Magento too has evolved as the best platform for Enterprise level businesses too.

No two companies are the same. Every single organisation is different from another in terms of its mission, purpose and vision. Even the niche, target audience and strategies of every company can never be the same. Hence for a platform to offer an ideal solution to all the needs of all the e-Commerce businesses, it should be as flexible as possible. Here comes Magento in the play.

We all know that Magento is an advanced open source, highly flexible, completely customizable platform and has an exclusive ability to scale itself with the growing needs of your business. It is an amazing eCommerce system offering you complete freedom to shape your e-store exactly as per your own needs. It just requires an expert developer to make the complicated looking tasks to be implemented easily.

Features proving Magento to be the Best Platform.

Cost Effectiveness

The most popular and widely acceptable feature of Magento’s fame is that it is Open Source software. It does not require a monthly subscription and has a number of unpaid plugins to add functionality to your store. For small businesses, Magento Open Source helps setting up e-stores from a no to very low cost; condition being your project is in expert hands. For supporting larger businesses, company has Magento Enterprise, which comes with enterprise level functionality, open architecture, customized solutions and server implementation with a substantial investment.

Technological Support

A wide professional and technological support has proved to be a great help in making this platform serve the unique needs of every user. Magento is empowered with a huge and strong community of extremely passionate and loyal developers. This community has stayed with Magento before and after its acquisition and has been working on its development constantly.
This community has been a source of great technological support to small businesses as well as to the enterprises. Whenever in a doubt, this community of professionals extend solutions helping the user to fix the issues.

Responsive Design

Magento has been offering you complete freedom to use and customize the templates as per your requirements. Although many other e-Commerce platforms do not cater to the changing needs of users, yet Magento has been supporting responsive design since long. With an increasing trend in the usage of mobiles and tablets to access e-stores and make purchases, Magento has successfully incorporated responsive layout in its designs. Giving a competitive edge to the online stores built on Magento, it offers a similar interface to its shoppers across all the screen sizes from PCs, laptops to tablets and smartphones.


Supporting an e-Commerce store involves lot of threats to the privacy of information and financial credentials of the users. Magento has always been under the watch of the experts who have been making endless efforts to close the loopholes by uploading patches. These patches are like latest updates in a software which are regularly notified to you. With such updates formulated by the Magento experts, you can easily avoid any future problems.

One thing that needs due consideration is the fact that when you have something in store for custom development, you should ask the expert to complete the update process.

Equipped with e-Commerce Toolkit

Magento is equipped with the complete e-Commerce toolkit means that it has all the features that are required to make an online store a hit. Its array of features range from shopping cart to user account, Product Management, Marketing and handle multiple numbers of websites simultaneously.

Shopping cart takes the user or guests through the whole shopping process. User Account helps the users in accessing their purchase history and even checkout faster. Management relates to managing admin panel, complete the shipping process and Customer Complaint resolution. Product management is such an amazing feature which lets you import and export thousands of products, their attributes and even upload images and many more at same time. Marketing allows you to run marketing campaigns and create sales deals and even lets you up-sell and cross-sell and much more.

Supports SEO

Magento has a big SEO advantage due to its responsive design layout. Magento has features which offer you an option of generating URLs and sitemaps which are SEO-friendly and even define the Meta data. It incorporates Search functionality within your e-Commerce store to help the user to narrow down on searches and have an exceptional user experience.

Customer Service

Magento Enterprise package is an amazing platform for customer service. Users are extended great support via phone and online portal. The time for turnaround support may vary from one to four hours depending on the type of package bought.

Not only the Enterprise users can avail this support, but other users can also take advantage from the wide knowledge base of Magento community. There is a huge e-Commerce library along with articles, tutorials and webinars and much more stuff to help you in setting up and running your own e-store successfully.


In the closing notes we would like to conclude by declaring Magento as the best performing and most Supportive e-Commerce platform that we have till date. The only thing you need to consider is that, if you are not tech savvy, or are not very much familiar with technicalities of the eCommerce, then you must delegate this task to an expert. An expert can easily build a stunning e-Store for you with exceptional functionality and amazing user experience.
In case of any queries or assistance on Magento, please feel free to contact us. We have been taming this mammoth (Magento) from last 7 years. We would be happy to answer your questions and even help you in your project on Magento.

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