Why Have Large Images Backgrounds


Designing big images to create a bigger impact is a move that is getting a lot of attention among website design companies recently. This is a fairly new trend that is creating stunning visual impact. Not only images but also hand drawn illustrations or animation too can be used as background for websites. Some of the key reasons for widespread usage of large impact visuals are:

Website development practice
All over the world, data downloads is increasing in inverse proportion to charges applicable. With shrinking internet access rates, it is now a plausible reality to have large images added in on the background of the webpages without worrying about the size of the file being downloaded from the server.

Encouraging and engaging user interaction on the web
By creating animated visuals, website developers can excite and entice the users in clicking on them to explore the website functionality. The rise in user interaction within the website turns visitors into loyal visitors and converts loyal visitors into repeat buyers.

Slide-Show effect
The responsiveness of the new large impact visuals does not end with its interactive and size features. In fact it is the beginning – what unfolds is even better!

Why have large images backgrounds
Now, your website landing page can give the client an interactive presentation of your existing work.
Slide show effect in play:

A real estate developer can now showcase images of some of the best projects that are worth portraying on the website. Once the client opens the website URL, the client can browse through the entire portfolio of construction project.

To conclude, large image backgrounds used in websites offer significant visual appeal and thus is increasingly being used on numerous websites. In addition to creating a different and eye pleasing look, it also does effective branding of the product being advertised on the site.

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