Why Do Businesses Require Mobile Apps?


Mobile apps no longer remain the forte of just large enterprises. A lot of startups and SMEs are increasingly getting mobile apps built to improve their visibility. We see smart businesses have a dedicated mobile centric strategy to cater to the burgeoning mobile user segment. This segment is proving to be highly influential in driving the fortunes of a business, and hence it makes complete business sense to invest into a mobile app.
Interested to know about the immense value mobile apps derive to businesses? Read on!

Is you busiess Mobile ready

1. 24 x 7 visibility – Having an app downloaded is like a mini salesman always in your customer’s pocket. The psychological advantage of being ‘always’ visible and accessible holds tremendous potential for businesses, especially considering the fact that mobile users in US spend an average of around 162 minutes daily on their smartphones.

2. Direct and personalized marketing – The app can share various marketing collaterals such as booking forms, orders and personal login credentials. This improves the impact of your marketing and promotional efforts.

3. Engage better – With a mobile app, your business can really transcend competition in terms of customer engagement. The host of options that can be bundled in – messaging option, customer support, location based services, and mobile payments – the options can only be limited by your imagination.

4. Better value – There are lot of examples of providing awe-inspiring value to customer with mobile apps. Take the case of OpenTable, that lets users book a table in a restaurant in a matter of a few clicks. Another instance is the Ola Cabs that lets customers book a ride from a point of origin determined by their phones’ GPS location. They even allow users to fill virtual Ola Wallets with money credits that can be utilized to pay for the rides

These are just some of the benefits that mobile apps can provide to your business. If you think the time has come to make a debut on mobile screen of users then let’s talk apps. Our competencies in native mobile apps across iOS and Android and also hybrid apps (that look, function and feel the same on all types of mobile). Check out the different ways in which TII lets your business target the profitable mobile user segment.

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