What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing in 2016?


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Now that 2016 has started creating lots of buzz around, this is the right time for us to touch base on what we think will be the most happening trends in the Digital Marketing landscape in 2016. They range from the disruptive (think ‘buy buttons’) to the hot-again (mobile, yes, again!).

Let’s look at these trends that will dominate the technology ecosystem –

  • Wearables – When giants like Samsung and Apple fight for a piece of pie in this segment, rest assured something massive will come up in this zone. For marketers, the emphasis will shift to this up and coming segment (along with its associated early mover challenges).
  • Mobile – “Mobile outnumbers desktops” is old news now. Marketers need to enhance the user experience provided by mobile centric strategies with help of native functionalities like camera, accelerometer or GPS.
  • Videos – Videos are emerging as the favorite content creation tools for marketers. Videos are proven acquisition techniques for online visibility. And stats like these show exactly why they are here to stay.
  • Automation – Marketing automation is poised to provide tremendous gains to early movers. With significantly higher RoI and accelerated conversion, this step holds tremendous potential to digital marketers in various areas like scheduling social media posting or emails, and segmenting potential leads for better targeting.
  • Targeted PPC – With the advent on Customer Match by Google, marketers can equate search engines and social media with targeted email marketing. This way they get more avenues to get closer to prospective customers and move them further into the sales funnel.
  • Virtual Reality – Oculus Rift’s head mounted display is poised to launch later in 2016. With it, marketers are already rolling their sleeves, conjuring apt strategies that will work with this amazing new and catchy method of online advertising.
  • Facebook Messenger for Business – Since its launch in March 2015, this channel has provided businesses the opportunity to expose their brand to more than 700 million FB users online. You can avail of advantages like real time customer interactions, better targeted ads, and push notifications on mobile, to elevate the degree of customer experience to your benefit.
  • Buy Buttons – Many popular social interaction and search platforms are looking at direct selling by introducing a ‘buy now’ button for products listed. While Google has been in testing since July 2015, buy buttons are also slated to appear in Twitter and Pinterest this year.
  • Podcasts – This is an unconventional marketing move that is bound to have customers sit up and be ‘all-ears’ to your brand in 2016. Take the case of Umpqua Bank that launched a podcast on money matters and personal financing, which went on to be downloaded more than 70000 times.
  • Social advertising – With a projected spend of ~$36 billion in 2017, social ads are growing bigger by the day. As a marketer you need to narrow down on 2-3 key platforms and spend better on fresh content with appropriate calls-to-action to pique reader interest.

Be on the lookout for these trends and be ready for digital success in 2016.

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