What Do We Know About Latest Instagram Update – #TurnMeOn


By giving more importance to user interests, Instagram will be following Facebook’s footsteps quite soon. According to rumor mills, this social sharing platform will soon feature user feeds in their order of preferences. While doing so, Instagram plans to a give a miss to the conventional chronological order of listing posts, thus featuring posts that users care about the most.

Instagram’s new algorithm will sort feeds and posts according to certain parameters. User interests, timeliness of the feeds, and your relationship with the person sharing it will determine the order of the posts.

In a nutshell, Instagram wishes to reach your special and prized moments to you first. By offering you a glimpse of your favorite incidents and cherished moments, the platform will help you catch up with all the action of your life.

Reasons for this update

Is it without reason that Instagram is suddenly stepping into the shoes of its parent company? Well, the platform has strong reasons of its own. Instagram says that it has close to 400-million active users per month. However, nearly all of them miss a whopping 70% of contents posted on their feeds.

Such trends have pushed the company towards making this announcement.


Earlier when Facebook chose stories and engaging contents over traditional chronological orders, millions of users reacted outrageously. The scenario is no different in case of Instagram, and numerous users are downright unhappy with this decision.

Do you stand a chance?

In spite of this major change, there are still lots of opportunities and scope left for users. If you wish your posts to enjoy the same popularity it did before, without getting drowned in oblivion, try out the following things.

  • Get your followers to switch on their notifications
  • Create fresh and relevant contents
  • Connect with people nurturing similar interests
  • Track your posts and find out what gets maximum attention

Signing off

We know that ‘change’ is a constant factor. And the social media platforms have proved it time and again. Here is our way of alerting you to take necessary steps and continue enjoying enhanced brand visibility on Instagram.

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