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Are you a bit reluctant to outsource a part or whole of website development or marketing project? It’s not only you but a lot many people who want to, but fear to outsource because of the risk involved. This fear has been developed in the minds because of the outsourced projects fall short of their purpose. In other words it means that the development company might not have understood the requirements of the project properly or they were poorly defined and miscommunicated. This usually happens when the client is short of time and requires quick solutions. These kinds of situations lead to disasters. So here we bring a few points that you should consider while planning outsourcing a project.

  • Clearly define the scope of your project
    The very basic thing of a project is to define the scope. It means that one should understand what the client wants and chalk out his requirements clearly as to what he needs to be done in a project. Unclear or ambiguous scope can lead to unsatisfied client and inferior solutions leading to project failures.

    A bit of extra time spent on understanding, defining and envisioning the scope of project can help proper estimation of time and resources employed and even avoid any surprises to occur in the later phases of the project.
  • Select the outsourced partner carefully
    Clearly defining the scope of project now, helps you in evaluating the type and quality of resources that you need to deploy to fulfil clients’ expectations. Selecting right partner to accomplish your outsourcing needs is a difficult task but once achieved can help you in long term. So while selecting the web development agency you should first look into the capabilities they have and if they can actually help you with the solutions you are looking forward.
    Second thing that you should consider is what they have already worked on and what they are working on? On being satisfied with their capabilities, talk to them directly and have a discussion on the scope and expectations of your project. These steps can really help you in choosing an apt web development agency that you can trust.
  • Talk realistic about the cost
    Once you are through with two major tasks, the next important one is to chalk out or estimate the cost of the project. Talk to the outsourced agency clearly about the scope, get an estimated time they would deploy to finish the project and ask for the breaking up of the whole project into sections with related tasks accomplished.

    This will help you get a feel of how well they are working and how realistically are they charging. As soon as you work out the cost conditions with the outsourced agency, you can further convey the same to your client for the relevant and approximate estimation of the project cost.

  • Be particular in directing and expecting
    With the major challenges already met, the next step is to just kick off the project with outsourcing agency. Devote necessary time to give them instructions, expected programming functionality and certain design elements. Encourage their participation and contribution in understanding the direction of the project.

    The way directions are important, so are the expectations. So clearly provide a timeline for the project as a whole and target the launch date. Convey your outsourced partner on your expectations to receive updates, live meetings to review the tasks, timely follow up and for unexpected issues beyond the scope of the project.

  • Be firm and polite and avoid the danger signs
    Being firm does not mean you have to offend your outsourced web agency. Just try to discuss the issues faced by the outsourced team on missing deadline. Try to listen, address the calls promptly to avoid further misunderstanding. Managing the project, giving directions and identifying red flags or danger signs to avoid any disaster is yet another challenging tasks. Tackle them with blunt yet polite manner so that they don’t end up in a bad reputation with your client.


Outsourcing your web development projects to any agency is not a bad or risky decision; it is on a contrary a profitable deal. So, we hope that you will find these above mentioned points a great help to untap the potential of web developers and get your projects work excellent.

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