Tips to follow official HIG by Apple in iOS app design


iOS App Design

Apple is well-known for producing quality devices that guarantee users a rich, immersive usage experience. To help maintain their high standards, Apple is also considered to be rigid and insistent that app designers follow their lead and adopt the design choices that are in sync with Apple’s own. To facilitate this, Apple has in place a detailed and binding HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) that app designers need to follow if they want their apps to get approval at the Apple app store. Known to be sticklers for the rules and for high quality work, the people at Apple only approve apps which follow their official HIG. If you are a developer and aspire to create an app for the iOS platform, you need to first achieve complete comprehension of the HIG and internalize its concepts before you start planning your app.

First Steps

To ensure that your app follows the HIG set by Apple, you need to understand their philosophy and mindset. Apple have let us know that iOS is all about three factors –

  • Deference of the UI towards the content,

  • Clarity of all UI elements, and

  • Depth of colors and layers to enhance the experience.

In accordance to these themes, here are a few ideas that you need to consider and adopt –

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the iOS design policies and what Apple considers to be good enough in the field of app anatomy, layout, navigation, animation, terminology, typography, the use of color, graphic elements and icons.

  • Study successful iOS apps and their journey from a concept to a finished product and understand the important steps in between.

  • Learn about different technologies that iOS supports and devise creative ways to integrate those technologies that are relevant to your concept.

  • Get up to speed about the different UI elements and styles that highly regarded iOS apps use and form a mental image of the way they provide navigation and display their content.

  • Pay special attention to the graphic elements and icons that you intend to use. Having the right vibe with your icons and launch images will let you score heavily with Apple.

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