The World Searches More on Mobile than Any Other Screen


Keeping in line with the tremendous spurt of mobile usage in the last few years, Google has come up with the new statistic that the most searches now happen on the mobile than on desktops. Since Google clubs tablets with desktops, this proportion is almost entirely for smartphones. This in turn, magnifies the immense reach and span of the mobile, and how it has affected the way users search and discover information online.

Early days for the claim?

As per Google’s statement, “more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers, in 10 countries including the US and Japan.”. However what is not known is further breakup of the statistic by country or by the timeline followed. It also didn’t specify what the new proportion between mobile and desktop is.

On top of this, a recent comScore report for Q4 2014 showed that things aren’t as promising as made out by Google currently. It states that searches by US on mobile (tablets + smartphones) contribute just 29% of the total, which is far away from Google analysis. An explanation for this inconsistency might have been that either comScore data is not precise or that the base used by Google is different from comScore.

What lies ahead?

Though there seems a discrepancy between the two reports, however, what both reports clearly show is this –

  1. People are adapting to mobile and smartphones faster than ever
  2. This signals a clear shift of potential revenue generating medium from desktop to mobile for most of the new age entrepreneurs

What this means for your business?

With our expertise in mobile technologies and designing website solutions around people’s preferences, our choice of screen size/form factor has clearly been the mobile. Our clients have benefited from our staying ahead of the curve, and this experience prompts us to state one thing on this point –

If you want more business, more customers, going mobile is the only way to go

Your brand value can generate tremendous new business opportunities by having a mobile friendly website. You can today easily get your website to be mobile friendly and gain significantly more visibility online when your business is on the mobile. Do connect with us today and check if your existing website is mobile ready and equipped for new avenue of customer acquisition.

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