The Truth about HTML5 for Website Development


Getting down to designing and developing fully functional websites for the Internet can be very hard. Website designers and developers encounter plenty of alternatives from which the best needs to be chosen — which frameworks, libraries and technologies, should we use? Most of all is the query of cross browser compatibility that comes with rapidly advancing technologies enabling viewing web pages on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

One perfect way to support multiple devices and browsers is to write HTML 5 code and use custom CSS class. Much of HTML 5 features draw JavaScript APIs which make it comfortable to design interactive website but there’re a slew of new features that enable additional semantics in your traditional Web 1.0 pages.

HTML 5 features are different from HTML 4. HTML 4 may not provide exact info as the specifications are in development.  However in light of rapidly evolving web development technologies, you need to be wary, and keep a tab on the upcoming updates or changes in HTML5, use it in a majority of circumstances. Of course, did you know that doctype honestly is not even certainly required for HTML5? Nevertheless, it’s used for older and current browsers and devices that necessity a specified HTML5 doctype. Browsers that don’t know understand this HTML5 doctype will easily render the contained design in standards mode.

For web developers’ assistance about the status of the specification of HTML5, the WWW Consortium (W3C) has released a tentative scheme outlining a 2014 deadline for finishing of the new technology as a standard; 8 years ahead of past schedules. HTML 5 is still in progress, with Working Draft feature. But the latest “Scheme” published by the WWW Consortium outlines several milestones the faction will have to meet in order to publish the final HTML 5.0 version by the end of 2014.

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