SEO Tips for eCommerce Website


It has become significantly difficult to run and get results out of an eCommerce website. Now, search engines focus more and more on the human-friendliness of the site, not products. At the same time when you’re struggling hard to get a position on SERP, a growing number of online consumers also demand your attention.

Here we are sharing some smart SEO tips to help you to stay competitive and lead the competition by making your eCommerce website more seo-friendly. Take a look-

1 Have an Interactive Website with Minimal Load Time

Having a user-friendly, engaging, appealing website that loads faster is a prerequisite. Additionally, you should plan to increase the conversion rate by adorning your website with fascinating web design, adding interactive elements, incorporating Gamification in which you allow users to leave reviews, eliminating clutter and more to deliver an overall rich user experience.

2 Never Forget Panda

Google is becoming more content-centric, and its update such as Panda gives you clear idea about the significance of the quality of content in getting ranking. Panda loves human and believes that web is built to entertain and educate human. So, if you’re an entrepreneur who believes in too much advertising, chuck on your plan of online shopping site.  Make sure each product has unique content or put a No-index meta tag on product page which you can’t write the unique content for and emphasize more on creating unique content for your category pages.

3 Never stuff Your Content with Keywords

If you want to promote a keyword, be sure that the webpage is specifically and thoughtfully created for that particular keyword only. Never stuff keywords into the title, description, content, alt tag and do not interlink all your web pages excessively. Keyword density has become an asset of bygone era. Google is inkling more towards statistical data and co-citation; it is advisable to provide helpful information rather serving keywords.

4 Optimize Your Site for Mobiles

A large volume of online shopping is now happening on mobile phones, so it is your call to make your website mobile compatible. Be sure that your responsive website do not consume much time, easy-to-navigate, buttons are easy to access and everything should be properly displayed on the small screen of mobile.

5 Make Your Website Social

Make your eCommerce website more social so that it engages user successfully and entice them to talk about it, share it and enjoy purchasing. Create a site that works well with all social platforms. Make strategy, encourage reviews, community and photo sharing to grab attention of your potential customer. It is not all about using Facebook. Twitter, Google etc., instead it is all about how you interact with your customer.

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