SEO or PPC – Which One Will Yield a Positive Return on Investment?



Do you know that internet contributes to over $2.2 trillion in annual retail sales? This whooping figure is an eye-opener to the significance of online presence of your brand. With 2017 about to start, every proud possessor of a website would be looking forward to do something which helps his business to grow more on the Internet. Search Engine Marketing is one way of doing it, which includes Pay Per Click popularly known as PPC (eg. Google AdWords) and Search Engine Optimisation. Many of the experts favour PPC and others prefer SEO for being more effective in increasing traffic and sales volume for your business. SEO and PPC might appear as separate strategies for search marketing but for proper utilisation SEO and PPC are actually two sides of effective search optimisation. Both these techniques have their respective unique features and advantages but an ideal situation is arrived at when a prudent mix of both is planned for achievement of desired goals.

Consider the following points which prove combining of SEO and PPC are greater than sum of their parts.

  1. Improved visibility
  • If you want to increase your website traffic and get leads that convert to sales, combining SEO and PPC efforts is the most relevant way out. When you are visible to the users in both organic and paid search results, it definitely puts an impression of your established presence in the market. This gives them an idea that being established, your website must have an absolute authority and you serve them well.
  1. Higher traffic leads to higher growth
  • Combining PPC and SEO definitely increase the search visibility, traffic and thereby get you conversions. Greater visit does not ensure 100% conversion but increases the probability of getting conversions leading to increased revenues. Dominating the paid and organic search results will surely lead to exponential growth of your business.
  1. Integrate best PPC strategy with Organic Content
  • Combining PPC and SEO will help you in another wonderful way. What is liked and followed in PPC often works the same way for SEO. During PPC campaigns, you can determine the ads which are getting maximum conversions, can help you plan an effective organic Content Strategy. You are able to plan on how to create title tags, Meta description and content for pages which you aim to rank well in organic results.
  1. Paid search presence is more stable
  • PPC ad positions are far stable and controllable, if you have competitive bets. This will enable you to top the positions and even avoid the fear of dropping from the position and moreover PPC Campaigns can give you immediate results. But in SEO, as nobody can control what Google’s web crawlers roll out next with an algorithm update or data refreshes, Organic ranks can drop any time without any warning and also takes a considerable time to show results. Hence combining PPC and SEO can help you maintain a profitable position on the search results.
  1. Budget: the awful factor
  • PPC is a technique, which is presumed to increase the marketing cost, but on other hand it allows you to spend within the budgeted statistics. With the high client expectations exceeding the work possibilities within the financial plan, the results fail to accomplish the proposed figures. Where PPC increases your marketing costs SEO is mistakenly assumed as free strategy. Whereas to top the organic search results you need to incur cost on getting quality content and it also doesn’t spare you from the expense of putting your website in a position to claim high position. Hence for higher revenues and overall growth of the business the budget needs to be relaxed.
  1. PPC helps design organic keyword Strategy
  • Your successful and most converted PPC ads can become a tested platform to refine your organic keyword strategy. You can fine tune your keyword strategy with an immediate and effective result received from the PPC ad feedback.

We have provided you with analytical and applicable versions of dominating your search presence by combining SEO and PPC. We hope you would have understood the significance of both the techniques and advantage of running PPC and SEO campaigns simultaneously. With the above listed ways of overlapping SEO campaign over PPC strategies will lead to traffic, higher conversions and raised revenues resulting in rapid expansion of your business. But if PPC or SEO campaigns are run in isolation, would not give you desired results. So strike a perfect balance of both with holistic approach and it will lead you to the next levels of your business. Take it as your New Year Resolution and let your Website be real Rock Star.

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