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No matter what you have really heard about the white hat SEO techniques, There’s still a lot more to learn. Let me tell you that white hat SEO is not only about posting great content.

It’s pretty sure that quality content makes your efforts easier

But.. This is not it. Its only the first phase of your efforts towards a successful marketing campaign.

Not many of professionals would have shared this, but i want to share with you all that recently i got to manage a project which was in the Home Improvement niche. My responsibility for that project was to bring in results as good amount of organic traffic and Ranking.

Needless to say, in the starting i had to go through many things to understand the natural flow of the project. And during this all, I came up with few sure short and simple steps which really helped me out to achieve a great result for this project within only 10 hours of my efforts. In this blog i am going to share all these steps with you guys. I hope this will help you out in the same way as it did for me. Here we go:-

Step # 1 – Keyword Research

As part of our keyword research strategy, we put ourselves into the shoes of our client’s clients, i.e, the readers and visitors who put a search query on Google and discover our client. With help of Google AdWords, we check for popularity and relevance and then focus on the narrower end of the search demand curve i.e. the long tail keywords. This step helps us

  • Evaluate traffic for keywords and their alternatives
  • Generate ideas for new keywords by combining multiple words

Step # 2 – Competition Analysis

Our competition analysis comprises of two main parts –

Step # 2.a. Website Audit

Look into points that can really put organic search for your website into the sixth gear and enhance your online visibility. Critical things to check include –

  • Mobile compatibility
  • On-page Analysis.
  • Content Analysis
  • Page load speed
  • Keyword Analysis

Step # 2.b. Backlink Analysis

Conduct a backlink analysis to check for critical numbers such as

  1. Overall number of links
  2. Number of linking domains
  3. Usage and quality of anchor text
  4. Number of fresh or links have been discovered only recently

If you are new to link building, you can know more about link building here.

Step # 3 – On-Page Optimization

We included the below on-page strategies to ensure that your organic search endeavors are bolstered with correctly configured elements present on the page. We utilize a two-pronged approach to doubly ensure that everything is in place for the client to start attracting considerable website traffic.

Step # 3.a. Manual Testing

With the help of manual optimization, we test for correctly attracting Google’s attention so that you can attract your audience’s attention in return.

  • Title – We started off by having a real hard look at the title of the webpage. These are what appears in big bold ink blue font when Google returns SERPs. It describes the document to the readers. We limited all titles to 60 characters and tried to start the title with the keyword.
  • Permalink URLs – We tweaked all URLs to make it short and informative. So, became In the latter, the reader immediately comes to know that the webpage talks about a particular service offered by client i.e. web crawling.
  • Keyword placement – One key content optimization strategy was to meaningfully add the keyword in the introduction part of the content body (within the first 100-150 words).
  • H1 tag – We configured the title into an H1 tag to appeal to Google, as it is an important ranking factor. Also, we made sure that the keyword too was included in it.
  • Page load speed – Multiple iterations finally helped us to improve the page load time to below 4 secs – the industry benchmark for acceptable page load speed. Using a CDN and compressing images is what helped us reach there.
  • Strength in Length – Google continues to prefer long form content, hence, we developed a minimum of 1500-2000 words meaningful and relevant content for every webpage to ensure it gets a favorable ranking.

Step # 3.b. Automated Testing

We absolutely adore the way automated tools help give a solid credence to our manual testing efforts. Some of the diagnostic tools we use in this process include Raven tools, Screaming Frog, and Xenu.

Step # 4 – Content Marketing

By participating in various content sharing platforms, we have increased the visibility potential of the client brand. With the aid of content marketing we bring in highly targeted and niche traffic to the website. By focusing on some of the right places such as Curata, Quora and Reddit, we position the client as a thought leader and a dependable solutions provider.

The Result?

Because of our above marketing endeavors, we managed to gain a substantially higher percentage of conversions from web traffic footfall. Even in terms of rankings, we have made it to the coveted first page without a single dollar spent on paid ads.

Overall Traffic Achieved For The Project:

Traffic Overview



Organic Traffic:

Organic Traffic


Ranking Results:

Google Rankings



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