Progressive Web Apps- The Future of eCommerce.


Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App or PWAs are the new and raised level of user experience which is fast, reliable and engaging. Google owns the credit of developing an idea of creating an enhanced website that offers added features that you can experience in an app.

In simple words, a PWA is just a normal website packed with qualities that give you a feel of using an app on your mobile. This term constitutes three elements namely, Service Worker, App Shell and a JSON manifest.

How does PWA work?

PWA differs from your earlier website as it has a layer called Service Worker in between the website and the internet which routes all the browser requests and displays the desired results.

A PWA saves the whole of the webpage to the user’s local storage and updates the content automatically and shows the user with all the fresh content. This is made possible by allowing the service worker to serve all the pages on your website which are stored in the App Shell for quick and updated retrieval. Whenever a user browses a new page or a page which has been updated with content, service worker is responsible for showing the user with the latest updates on the page as compared to the one which user has visited last. This new content shall again be stored in the App shell for quickly responding to the user requests.

Benefits of PWAs

PWA has been accompanied by a number of benefits which include
1) Fast
2) Reliable
3)No downloading requirement
4)Better conversion rates
6)Up-to-date Content
7)Improved performance
8)Allows Push Notifications

Relevance of PWAs

With a mobile friendly and mobile first approach, every sphere of life is witnessing the rising popularity of getting mobile. eCommerce is not an exception to this. Ever since 2016 mobiles have been declared as the top investment by the managers. But there are some hard facts which make reality completely contrary. As the rate of cart abandonment of mobile users is still more than 80%.

PWAs have come to the picture and have served as an amazing solution to the retailers who do not have high marketing budgets forcing users to save their mobile websites.
When a user visits your website; the browser recognizes it to be a PWA website and prompts a notification for adding it to your home screen. This serves both the ends equally. Your purpose of getting your mobile website saved on the users mobile is fulfilled and the user is availed of a quick shortcut in the form of an icon on his home screen without having to go to app store and download manually.

The later benefits are still larger. When added to their home screen they can use it as a standalone app on their mobile. As an alternative to the responsive websites, PWAs have evolved as a magic wand for the retailers. They can offer quick and application-like experience to their users along with added and unbeatable advantages of pushing notifications for latest updates of content or newly added products. These are making your website to be highly engaging.
Another advantage that PWAs have is that of getting an SEO boost. As it is evolved by developers at Google, it is a technology which is promoted and encouraged for use and the adopters shall be rewarded with optimization benefits.


With a lot of benefits and advantages, this is a must-have technology for your website. Even records suggest that early-adopters of the technology have seen a significant increase in their conversion rates whereas the time taken to load-pages has dropped drastically. So it is a win-win situation as you get SEO support from the search engine and get the delighted users for your business.
Bringing good news for all the Magento followers, Magento will soon be collaborating with Google to bring all the advantages and PWA capabilities to the entire Magento Commerce Community.
Keeping a close eye on the latest trends, we have been bringing insights to you. Hope this blog too would have helped you.

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