Does your young one get bored of anything very soon? To get him indulged in something that really interests him, Preschool Maths App will surely help you out. The app has been developed to offer a unique and exciting learning experience to the kids between the ages of 2-4 years. You will notice significant improvement in the learning abilities of the kids in an interactive and fun way. This Preschool Maths App embraces the attention of your toddler and lets them use their intelligence with utmost curiosity for long, thereby raising their concentration level and utilizing their mind’s concern to learn new things.

Pre School Maths

Preschool App has been segregated into 4 levels, each marking the foundation for the next level and hence making it very easy for kids to understand the concept, comprehend and learn the numbers.

Level 1 is designed to understand the numbers apply them from 0-9 in a logical order and lets them practice writing. This is the base level where kids are made familiar with numbers and start recognising them.

As soon as the kid gets well aware of the number names and symbols for each number, you can move to the next level.

Level 2 has been built to let the child relate numbers to the quantities which they represent. They do it with the help of dragging stars corresponding to the numbers shown.

Preschool Maths Levels

Level 3 will let your child do addition of two numbers. At this level your child would have developed a good level of basic understanding of numbers and addition of upto number 9 in a fun and interesting way.

Level 4 lets your child to count the complex double digit numbers. This counting ranges upto 99 to let the child’s brain develop a comprehension of big digits or double digits.

With these succeeding four levels, preschool maths app helps the child to observe experiment, understand, learn and become as a surprise “a Genius”. Coming to the overall mental growth and positive development of your child’s brain this toddler app helps to keep them busy in creative learning with fun. Imparting a valuable experience to your child, let the kids amaze you with a super cool and fascinating app.

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