Optimize your LinkedIn Business Page in Quick Steps


Creating dedicated networking and significant lead generation chances needs the backing of a worldwide professional networking site and what better than LinkedIn for this purpose? With 29 million users connected across the globe, LinkedIn comes across as one of the best places to grow your contacts and generate leads. But a lot of it depends on how you project your corporate image in the site. It is here that a strong Linkedin Business Page comes in handy. Social Media marketing companies are increasingly embracing LinkedIn Optimization as the way to deliver stunning results and create remarkable opportunities using the prowess of LinkedIn.

If you are entrusted with enhancing the visibility of your website but do not know where to begin, then we present to you eight effective SMO steps in which your LinkedIn Business Page can become a powerful magnet to pull target audience attention and improve business potential. These are categorized under two sections – Preparing your LinkedIn Business Page and Marketing your LinkedIn Business Page. So, here we go!

Preparing your LinkedIn Page

1.    Use LinkedIn vanity URL – This is a boon to help people easily relate to your brand or company. Instead of having a long and hard to remember URL such as www, you can instead customize it and give a more meaningful URL that audience will recognize and relate to.

Go to Setting -> Profile -> Helpful links -> Edit your public profile. In the bottom right box you can see a link “Customize your public profile URL”

2.   Add external links innovatively – “Personal Website”, “Company Website” and “Blog” are some commonly used external link categories by administrators. However not many know that we can create customized labels/categories, for easy grouping or anchor text display. This feature helps make the link more appealing to the viewers for such external links.

Go to top tab -> Profile -> Edit Profile -> Edit Contact info (this is placed just when the section having the profile photo ends). Click on the ‘pencil’ next to ‘Websites’ -> Chose ‘Other’ from the first drop down list. This way you can add custom anchor text to your external links.

3.    Optimize profile for SEO – Many businesses can also profit by adding their keywords to the headings and title of the LinkedIn page. This comes in especially handy for new businesses whose own websites haven’t yet been able to make it through the top on SERPs. Be aware of what words your target audience would query in Google search engine that aligns to your offerings. Then add these words so that the positive ranking of LinkedIn will rub onto your LinkedIn profile and thus be discovered by more and more targeted people.

4.    Add multimedia – Adding samples and marketing materials help provide an enriching and engaging experience for the LinkedIn Business Page. It also converts the profile into gripping social media for businesses. Slideshows, presentations, free whitepapers, press releases and news updates about the organizations creates a sustained buzz amongst people and helps increase the number of people who are aware of your brand.

Marketing your LinkedIn Business Page

Now that you have readied the company page to be unleashed on Social Media for Business, go and do just that – unleash it on the world! Some ways in which you can expand the amount of coverage the business page garners are as follows –

5.    Optimize business page – The overall look and feel of Company Pages has evolved numerous times over years. Make sure that your business page is optimized to follow the latest theme. This helps prevent the page from looking outdated. For instance, as of April 2014, LinkedIn no longer supports Products & Services Page under Business page. Moderators will now have to put the relevant content under ‘Showcase Pages’ and ‘Company Updates’. Learn more about these in the following points.

6.    Create targeted showcase pages and Company updates – These are two new features added for LinkedIn optimisation. They allow companies to tell the followers more about what type of offerings are provided by them.

a.    Showcase Pages – They provide a more personalized experience to readers by creating dedicated space for your main brands and services. This page operates fairly independent of the company profile page, thus allowing companies to cater to a niche segment in a specific way.

Click on ‘Edit’ drop down box at the top right corner of the profile page and select ‘Create a Showcase Page’.

b.    Add updates to company status – This section is a central location where readers can view all types of updates around the company and news stories about the same.

Administrators can go to ‘Home’ -> ‘Share an update’ and post update. They can also add rich text or URLs

7.    Generate leads – That’s why we use LinkedIn right? Recent studies have proved that LinkedIn offer better lead generation prospects than both Twitter and Facebook. To maximize your lead closure chances, make sure that you post regular updates on the company page, keep it up to date and relevant, and promote and share links frequently.

8.    Get insights into LinkedIn marketing – ‘Page Insights’ provides insightful stats on how your LinkedIn page is performing in terms of visibility and activity as a social media for business. Important figures and trends pertaining to status updates, reader engagement and coverage are tracked. These numbers and trends help in company’s decision making on how value can be extracted better from the page.

‘Content Marketing Score’ is another captivating feature that takes into account the engagement seen in Company Pages, Sponsored Updates, Groups and employee updates and compares it with competitors in the same domain for the same categories.

Hope these eight steps lead you in the right direction in how you can utilize the immense potential of LinkedIn Business Pages for Social Media Optimization. Leave your comments below and let us know.

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