Must Have Social Media Checklist You can’t live without in 2017


Have you created a Social Media Marketing Plan? We bring to you a checklist that you need to consider just before making a plan.

Let’s start with putting in simple words, what social media is all about? Social Media Management is the process in which you create awareness about yourself (as a person or company) and your field of work (products or services) using different social media channels. This way you run a marketing campaign so that your visibility increases over the channels, get increased traffic to your website and get them converted to your customers.


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With 92% of companies who have incorporated Social Media into their marketing sphere, social Media Management is not about just posting and responding to Facebook but it’s about 24/7 conversation age on social networks. With dramatical change since its inception Social Media helps businesses to drive marketing campaigns, engage with customers, generate leads and study their buying habits and trends. With the rising significance of Social Media in corporate world many companies still fail to extract their potential from their strategies. The only and most appropriate answer to those losing out on social media is to have an effective Social Media Management Strategy.

For our readers, we have compiled a checklist which shall help them in a successful Social Media Management:

  • Define your Goals The first and foremost step is to clearly define your goals which you want to achieve through social media. Defining and setting realistic goals with a meaningful impact on your business will help your company goals, brand goals and your campaign goals.
  • Create a Strategy As now you have defined your expectations or goals, the next step calls to create a strategy. A strategy will be a guideline to motivate your efforts. A realistic goal can be easily achieved with an appreciative strategy that not only considers your strengths but also the weaknesses of your company. Marketing strategy should be very carefully created as it is the pathway of all your efforts towards the target.
  • Prepare Content Calendar In today’s world ‘Content is the King’. Preparing a content calendar is one of the best social media practices. It should include the number of posts and the nature of posts that you are going to share. You can schedule your posts with a variety. As sometimes your post can be product/service oriented and sometimes it could be an original piece of content for your blog. The frequency and the timings to post the tweets and schedule posts should be carefully observed and managed.
  • Select the Channel wisely With the drastic increase in the trend of using social media for marketing, it is enticing to have prominent presence on all the platforms. But it is not feasible for all the companies. If you have restricted resources and manpower, then it will be wise to employ them on a particular channel that really affects your business. A channel that helps achieve your goals and cater to relevant audience will be perfect choice for your business.
  • Target Right audience For social media to help you achieve your goals, your strategy must always target on the relevant audience. For this, you need to know your audience, find their requirements and offer them unique things which satisfy their quest and build a satisfying bond with your audience. Understanding your audience and their pain points can help you prepare the content that relieves them of a hitch.
  • Measure results. You should measure the results on regular basis and track how you are proceeding on achievement of your goals. Are you deviating from the target or you are moving closer to it.

Our endeavour to form a checklist was aimed to help you prepare an efficient strategy that aids you to achieve your goals effectively. In case of any queries, we shall be obliged to help you.

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